Nuendo 5.1 Cant Export OMF

On a Mac here … OS 10.6.8

I have a feature length project in one timeline … about 60 tracks. It needs to be exported to OMF 2 to be sent along to the next phase of post.

I know there’s a file size limit with OMF, so I intended to break the project up into 4 or 5 sections. I set the L/R locators and performed a OMF Export with the “Between L/R Locators” ticked. However no matter how close to each other the locators are, I get a message which says “2 GIG File Size Limit Approached. Some Files May Not Be Included”

So either the range is being ignored … or the OMF doesn’t work.

Anyone have any ideas?

BTW … the AFF export worked … but it’s not what I was asked to deliver. I think it will be OK … but OMF isn’t exactly bleeding edge. It should just work!!!

I am leery of up[dating to 5.5 … with such a big project in process.


Have you tried setting the locators instead of using the range tool?


Yes, Locators are exactly how I set the desired length. Sorry my use of “Range” implied the Range Tool