Nuendo 5 (32bit, Windows Vista) + SSL Duende Native = Crash?

Hi all,

I gave SSL’s Duende Native Bundle a try today. While it works flawlessly in Nuendo 5 64bit, I get blue screens whenever I try to instantiate one of the bundled plugins in NU5’s 32bit incarnation. The same is true with Nuendo 4, BTW.

32bit Duende works in other hosts than Nuendo (Vienna Ensemble Pro 4, for example). Are there any known compatibility issues I’m not aware of?


Hey Dietz.

What plugins in particular?
I’ve Just tried the SSL Channel Strip in 5.5 (v3.6.6) and it seems okay here.
Ditto the Buss compressor too.

Thanks for your answer, Neil!

I dunno what else I could tell you. It’s a quite fast machine (i7 965 3.2 GHz with 12 GB RAM), which works well as VSL MIR developer system. RME HDSP, latest drivers, just a few 3rd party plugins (Waves, VSL). Hardly any problems up to now, that’s why I sticked to Vista. Will upgrade to Win7 later this week, maybe this helps.

… it seems as this is a singular issue, because there are no comparable complaints anywhere on the net.

Hmmmmm … :-/

Can you send me an NPR file Dietz? Better still, a single track project archive that shows the issue, and I will try to see if it happens here too.
I also run the HDSP 9652, no Waves (except the 360 bundle) and no VSL - but do not see how either of those could affect the Duende Natives.

There were no other plugins in use anyway when I tested the Duende bundle.

… I got Win7 installed on the SSD of this very machine yesterday, I will check if this happens with an untouched OS, too. If so, I’ll send you a Track Archive.

Thanks for your input and for offering your help, Neil!

Ok, it seems as the problem is somehow related to the Vista-install on this machine. Windows7 + NU 5.5 (32bit) + Duende Native = no problem.

… will have to investigate …

It’s definitely fine in XP/32 here. Will try in W7 on Nuendo 5.1 & 5.5 in both 32-64 bit versions too.