nuendo 5.5.1 cant find my Motu XT espress

I am using win7, 4 core 8 gigs of ram, 2.8 processor, all new system.
The install of the system issues are solved except the issue of my motu Xt express.
I have the two steinberg mr816crx units working and have moved on to the last component, my midi interface, the Motu xt express.

I have downloaded the XT express drivers for win 7 in 64 bit. But, The host computer does not recoginze the unit when plugged into the USB port. Motu,tech support(xt express) states that, the computer does not need to recognize the unit, it will still work. ,nuendo does not see the unit. I have tried find the xt express with the Nuendo VST plugins and other methods and nothing works.
My midi works inside the host computer and Nuendo plays the sounds,(sample tank) as I play the virtual piano. But my external Midi devices do not get the signal through to Nuendo for some reason.

I will ask MOTU this same question via their support request forum, to try and find out whats going on.

REPLAY: midi will not play from an external controller into the XT express, into the computer with USB.

What to do,

You may have already done this, but do the 64-bit drivers need to be ‘installed’ after downloading?

I use a MOTU midi express 128 with win-7 64-bit and Nuendo-5 64-bit and it all works fine.

Thanks for the support here,the drivers are loaded but now I wonder if they loaded into a folder that Nuendo could find…


Thanks for the driver suggestion, I reloaded the driver and the prompts asked me questions that the previous loading did not. IT WORKS


Hi Craig,

Pleased to hear that :smiley: