Nuendo 5.5.1 Kontakt 5 issues


I’m using Nuendo 5.5.1 with NI Komplete 8 Ultimate, the Kontakt has been crashing sometimes when I’m loading a new instrument or when trying to save the multi preset inside Kontakt saying “can’t save patch”
It also destroys the entire multi preset and loads it as an empty preset.
I’m not even using big size instruments and I keep purging all the samples to minimum
It’s driving me crazy…

Does anybody have the same problem?
Please Help

Win 7 32bit - 4GB RAM - Nuendo 5.5.1 - NI Komplete 8 Ultimate - Waves v8 Diamond - Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56


rebuild database?

Do you mean install the entire library again…? what database do you mean? is it a Mac thing…?

thanks for your reply

within K5 should be a re-build database option, it will search and re-load. I run 5 instances of K5 loaded no issues like this. have you tried calling NI ? They take support calls -

Thanks for your reply.
Seems like all my data base files are okay and in the right place and everything…I don’t know what wrong and going crazy…
When I open a new K5 inst. it finds everything no problems.
The thing is when I work and save a project, and everything is cool, when I reopen the project the K5 comes up empty!! the multi preset is empty (if I didn’t save the multi with a unique name…). It doesn’t save the K5 preset with the project like it always did…
So every time I reopen a project I’ve work on the day before I pray that it will open the K5 multi…(((
The rest of the Komplete instruments work fine (battery etc…)


Win 7 32bit - 4GB RAM - Nuendo 5.5.1 - NI Komplete 8 Ultimate - Waves v8 Diamond - Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

I noticed that you are running a 32bit system. Is it possible that you are running out of memory? Some of the K5 patches can chew up a lot of memory. Just a thought. I am running Windows 7 64bit with 24GB RAM and I don’t have a single crash yet.

Hi and thanks for your reply,

I’m very aware of the RAM issue, that’s why I’m always purging everything first…
the thing is even when I’m loading small patches\banks it gives a warning massage that RAM is getting low (even when it says it’s using only 600MB, I have 3.5GB), and then crashes everything including Nuendo.
But what is strange is that when I restart the machine and open the project, the entire K5 multi comes up as empty and the saved multi is corrupted - and all my work prior to opening the last bank is lost…(((
It’s like the Komplete can’t handle that…and doesn’t save the .nki file, and corrupts the temp file that is saved with the Nuendo project.
All my K5 database files are okay and in the right place
The reason I’m using 32bit Nuendo is because of Waves Plugins that don’t support 64bit hosts yet… (nor Wacom tablets…but that’s another post…))

I’ll appreciate any other thoughts…

I believe your crashing problem is memory related, regardless of your purging. I ran into the same issue
a few days ago while working on a project. I was using my PC which was running Win 7 64bit, but I was
running Nuendo 5.5 32bit. Box kept freezing and crashing. I started using Nuendo 5.5 64bit for that particular
project and have had no further issues. The only thing I’ve see is a problem of dragging and dropping
midi files from EZDrummer to Nuendo. I had to go back to Nuendo 32bit for that to start working again.

Willie Hamm
Hammfactory Recording

Are you using the Kontakt Memory server? It works for me very well (this is in K4 though).

Also, are you deliberately saving multi’s from your K5 plugin within Nuendo? You shouldn’t need to. But maybe you know this already…

Finally, about the database. It is worth rebuilding the database from time to time. I also do a Batch re-save if I move my library or re-arrange it. It takes a while and it’s worth having a back up of your library before you do it (you have aback up already of course, don’t you :wink:

If that all fails, call NI.

Good Luck.