Nuendo 5.5.2 free maintenance update available

Dear forum members,

I’m happy to announce that Steinberg today releases another Nuendo 5 maintenance update. You can download the Nuendo 5.5.2 update, which can be used on the basis of Nuendo 5.5.x from here: Nuendo 5.5.2 download

The update includes several fixes with regards to MediaBay, VST Expression, Video Engine etc. Please also read the Nuendo 5.5.2 Version History document for further information.

The next Nuendo update on schedule will be released in April 2012. It will include fixes/workflow changes with regards to comping, major AAF improvements and will also come with some entirely new features.


Thanks for the update and info, Timo!

Ola M

No fixes for the screwed AAF Filter in 5.5?

So I still need to import AAF in N5.1 or Pro Tools?


No fix for the ‘Devices’ dropdown menu issue broken by N5.5.1 ?!

Prior to 5.5.1 this list was automatically columnised if there were too many entries to be displayed in a single column. Since 5.5.1 this no longer happens - all entries are displayed as a single column. As I have about 150 entries in Devices I have to continually scoll up and down a single column to find the entry I want, rather than seeing everthing on screen at the same time.

This was reported to the Steinberg support line and acknowledged as a bug some months ago - I would have thought it would be pretty easy to put it back to the status it had before 5.5.1 was introduced!

Personally, I am delighted to see that the problem of automation nodes being invisible when the Project is zoomed out appears to have been fixed/reverted. At last, I can move on to 5.5 from 5.1 (barring other issues, of course!).

So, many thanks for that.

Is the “on top” thing fixed? What about the way overlapping events are looking? What about lanes?

Have no time to check out ATM but I NEED those fixes.

Well, just checked the version-history. Lots of things fixed. But for me I can just say: NONE of those issues ever bugged me, at least not in a show-stopping way. I can understand if there are issues which were more important for others, so it is great that they are fixed.

BUT NO of those SHOWSTOPPING issues are fixed - I am talking about issues which are a PITA every minute you are editing / recording real music in Nuendo.

What the hell is going on - users are complaining pages after pages, and nothing is fixed here???


Please read Timo’s announcement.



well… yes… ok… but April… I am working NOW in Nuendo.

I was of HIGH hopes that at least some of those workflow issues were fixed. That Event-on-Top-after-moved thing causes me to use N5.1 for recording/editing because when you have to deal with heavy overdub stuff it is impossible to have fun in N5.5. This is just such a small thing in the code (I guess) - and it worked the right way since 10 years.

Are you sure it’s not fixed? Worth checking… the automation nodes thing is not listed in the notes.

Ok, you’re right - I have to check it first, if it is fixed - SORRY for the rant and THANKS for fixing!

I am in the middle of a big mixing session, no updates ATM, maybe someone can report back…

The Automation Point Thing is cool, was/is not a showstopper over here, though somewhat suboptimal currently mixing that 500 Track project with tons and tons of automation, very long songs (15-20 min) so “invisible” automation points are quite usual, I learned how to work with it - but I never will learn how to work with that events-on-top thing, the lanes and the overlapping stuff (ok, the overlapping stuff is somewhat workable, not nice, but well…)

When I use N for mixing only it is ok because everything is edited, cleaned up and usually already bounced. I do this in N5.1.

Thanks for the update!

Can we expect Windows saving lag to disappear in April update?

Thanks & keep up the good work,


After updating from Nuendo 5.5.1 to Nuendo 5.5.2 (Mac), now when I save a previously created file, it warns me that the new file format may not be compatible with the “older” version, and asks if I want to overwrite or save a new copy. Is the reason for this explained more fully anywhere? Why would there be a difference in file formats between two “dot” versions (as opposed to major upgrades)?


Originally it was planned to include the AAF fixes plus lane/comping behaviour fix in the 5.5.1 update. During the past weeks we figured out that the AAF component/filter needs to be rewritten in large parts in order to make
the improvements work. We then decided to release this update, even without these additional fixes in order to stay in our 4 months maintenance cycle.

All other things will be fixed in the next update, which is scheduled for early April. This version will also include some new features.


I’ve seen that too, and I think the terminology is confusing - Shouldn’t it be saying that while ‘…Version 5.5.2 can read Version 5.5.1 files in general, the two might not be fully compatible…’ ?

There’s a difference between “not being able to open” a project and being “not compatible”.
It might be that a later version has features which are not in a previous version, so opening a project into that earlier version will result in “loosing” these features.
Don’t remember if there are any of those involved here, but this is a standard message when saving into a later verison.


This would not only be highly appreciated - in fact this is just necessary!

Any chance to get that “events on top” thing fixed with a patch - BEFORE April? This would be VERY VERY AWESOME :sunglasses:

If you have any questions what I mean with the “events on top” thing - just ask me directly - drop me an pm or fon-call, or read the topic about that. Because of small issues like these people changing over to Pro Tools these days.

Is this another un-supported upgrade or can I ask for assistance for the installer that says I have no program to upgrade?

Well, what really drives me mad is the lack of response regarding my questions relating to a fix of the event-on-top thing.
I find myself spaming and whining all over this forum (sorry about that, but this is REALLY an issue for me) regarding that “feature” - but NO response… I just need an “it will be fixed in the next update” and I will be happily wait - if nothing helps even till April.