Nuendo 5.5.2 free maintenance update available

I also have the “No Program To Update” problem. Running 5.5.1 in Mac 10.6.8


I also got the “no program to update” problem on 1 maschine…
It worked well on a win 7 /32 bit DAW wt Nuendo 5.0 and Nuendo 5.5.1 installed…

It did not work on my Notebook wt Win7 64 bit /Nuendo 5.5.1 in 32bit installed(NO Nuendo 5.0 installed)

hi all

tested and still a major bug using elastic pro

sorry :cry:

back to 5.1



This is a fully supported version.

Cool, so does anybody have an idea why it says I can’t upgrade because Nuendo is not installed on my system? (Win 7 64bit) I’ve always struggled with Steinberg msp’s but this never happened until 5.5.1 and now 5.5.2.

Have you been able to fix this? If not, I would suggest to uninstall and reinstall version 5.5 followed by 5.5.2.

No, it’s actually happening in all 5 studios, both XP and Win7, so I’ll try some other things first or else it’s a pretty big task… :wink:

Thanks for the update!!

Both Microsoft and Steinbergs fault.

The problem is that the Windows Installer (msiexec) system faulty believes that there is nothing to update.
And Steinberg choose to follow that strictly. Eventhough they could override it. (Giving other support problems)

You can also unpack the .msp file, then run from there. But, this can break it again later.

The only supported fix is to reinstall 5.5, then update. If you do not have a full registry backup of the windows installer portion when it was working.

If you have the ISO and a ISO mounter, it’ll only take you 2 minutes.


(if you have a fast ssd :slight_smile:

Just lost hours of work, because of weird crash during mixdown. I couldn’t use Autosave anymore because it took soo long and it was highly annoying in the middle of editing, etc. So, I switched it of and forgot to save before rendering. Can I send an invoice of the lost time to Steinberg? :imp: Oh, well, maybe I’ll just go and have a drink.

But seriously, please fix this highly annoying bug very soon! It’s such a basic feature, damn it!

I wonder if it is one day possible to have companies commited by law that they have to fix broken features or other issues within a certain period or uses will get money back and/or the company have to pay for the loss of earning.

In any other context it would just be a scandal when - for example - BMW delivers a new automobile which has bugs - for example you can’t use light when driving above 100 kmh or something. And then they say “well, maybe we will fix that in on of our next upgrades”.

Easily done …
It is the day, when all DAWs disappear from the face of this earth and all developement of softwares ceases.


software development will probably NEVER be 100% bug-free. Or you have to be strict, exclude 3rd party
plug-in support, support only one interface, only one specific computer model and one file format
for import and export. Then it might be possible.

Your car won’t be free of hassles as well. I’ve driven a car where the motor got broken after 45k
kilometers. THAT was expensive! E.g, a couple of years back, you could read in the press that
the motor of the Volkswagen Lupo was frozen at temperatures below -15° degree.
So here’re the bugs :wink:

There’s a german car-company that has created a complete multi-million industry based on a bug.


“A” for effort… :wink:

Hi there,
Trying to resolve this for a customer.
He has Nuendo 5 installed and working on a Windows 7 PC. Attempted to install N5.5 and got:

“the up grade patch cannot be installed by the windows installer service because the program to be up graded may be missing or the up date patch may update a different version of the program. verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch.”

I am wondering if anyone can help with this…? Tried 32 and 64 bit versions - same result. What could this be? Must he first download 5.5.0 before attempting 5.5.2?
Many thanks

Anyone else experience seemingly random crashes in 5.5.1 & MAC ?

I’m about to update to 5.5.2 and realize another update is ostensibly coming soon.

Been w/ Nuendo since NU1 and still love it for the most part.

Appreciate any insights folks!