Nuendo 5.5.2 slow on OsX Lion


I have recently made a clean install of osx Lion 10.7.3 on Kingston ssd.

fresh install of N5.5.2 is acting strange compared to how it works on usual Hard drive.

It generally became slow compared to how it works under 10.6.8 with normal HDD.
I open same project without any vst instruments, just vst plugins and in 10.7.3 if I push play or stop, it hangs for a few seconds before doing it. Also while playing the project its almost impossible to do something else.

Same project works fine on mac os x 10.6.8 with normal HDD.

I have done such clean install 2 times, same result.

Why is this delay/latency happening? What can be the cause?

in 64 bit mode N5.5.2 actually works better on new system.

WL7 for example also works fine and Ableton live runs smoothly.

Please help with the issue!!!


you say the project has vst plugins. could it be that they’re not lion compatible? list the plugins you’re using.

you could also post the project here as a zipped attachment (no audio just the project file). then we can see if it behaves the same way.

I usually use UAD, Fabfilter and Nugen plugins in their latest versions, which support Lion osx. All other plugins I use work fine under Lion in Ableton Live as well.

I just opened another project and it is impossible to do anything inside, Nuedno just hangs and executes mouse movements and any other commands through a long period of time almost like freezing.

Does it work smoothly on your end on Lion os?


I disabled all plugins in the project but Nuendo still executes commands with delay.

And hdd reading bar always jumps to max(red) once I hit play or stop or put locator in another place. It thinks for some seconds and then plays from new location. Strange.

I put project folder on same ssd drive, but this changes nothing. Must be some problem in Nuendo engine on Lion osx I guess.

Someone from technical support can look into the problem?


I don’t have the slow performance problem you say, but I used SSD Kingston into two MacBook and one MacPro with same result: finally SSD corrupts node structure and computer doesn’t start up.

I’ve experienced with three Kingston SV100S2 and three computers. Be carefull with Kingston. Actually I’m running Snow Leopard into OCZ SSD Vertex3 with no problem.

hi denis

we run n5 in lion on an ssd without any issues at all.

are you running n5 in 64 or 32 bit mode?
what happens if you change the mode?

move your n5 prefs folder to the desktop and relaunch n5. it will create a brand new set of empty prefs.

does it behave the same way?
if it does then it’s not a prefs issue. you can move the older prefs folder on the desktop back to its original location. if it doesn’t then it is a prefs issue.

create a new user account on your mac. login to that account. does n5 behave the same way?

I have Kingston SV200S37A drive. I also had 10.6.8 os x installed on my Mac Pro prior to 10.7.3 and it worked good.

Just after upgrading to Lion Nuendo slows down for me.

I guess to find out if the problem is in operating system or hard drive I need to install Lion on a normal HDD and check how N5 runs on it.


You are lucky:)

I tyed in both 64 and 32 bits. I think in 64 it was running better somehow.

I will do things you suggested and let you know of the result.


out of curiosity does it behave the same way if you use the mac’s built-in audio rather than any external i/o?

In my computer with Snow Leopard, Nuendo always behaves quite slow. Until two o three seconds for some “complex” operations such as deleting a track or selecting some tracks… :confused: