Nuendo 5.5.3 rewire with Reason 6 on a Mac


I’m trying to have rewire working on OSX 10.7.4 64 bit.
When opening Nuendo it says is 32 bit (automatically installed by the installer).
Reason doesn’t tell what version is it but I suppose is 64 bit.

When opening a project in Nuendo, Reason is recognised on the devices menu and I can turn on and off its outputs but no devices on my MIDI tracks?

Has someone managed to have it working?

I’m now downloading Reason 6.5 upgrade (an upgrade for Reason, really???) to see if it fixes the issue.


I just managed to have it rewired. The two programs have to run at 32bit (what a bugger!!!)
So, right-click on the icon of both softwares, then Get Info and under the General menu tick the Open in 32-bit mode.


If you want to use ReWire, both your applications has to be used in the same “bit-mode”. You can change it, if the application support both. Find Applications folder on your Mac, find the application, right click on the application name, and select Get Info. Here, you can switch 32/64-bit mode.

After switch both applications to the same “bit-mode”, it should works fine.