Nuendo 5.5.3 update available

Steinberg is elated to release Nuendo 5.5.3, the latest update to its advanced post-production system. The updated version features an enhanced lane comping functionality, a more intuitive approach to multitrack quantizing, ReWire 64-bit support and Chinese language support.

The comprehensive update is now available free of charge from the Steinberg website. For detailed information on all fixes and enhancements, please check the corresponding version history on the download page.

More information can be found here.



Great update! Thanks! :smiley:

Back in January, we were told that several AAF improvements would be part of this update. I don’t see anything mentioned in the version history under 5.5.3 about AAF improvements. Did they make it in this update, or is this something that is being worked on still?


Regarding AAF, unfortunaley, the improvements haven’t made it into this version. Although it was planned, during the last weeks we figured out that we would have to do many changes on import/export filter, which would result in a delay of a couple of months. Therefore we decided to release the update with numerous further fixes in current status and continue working on the AAF thing further on.


Can’t update 5.5, reports back it cannot find 5.5?? I renamed the file to Nuendo 5.5.1 What should it say to update it?

You need to uninstall 5,5, then reinstall from the updater.

Does the above change the release schedule with an additional update end of Q2 and Nuendo 6 shortly thereafter in the summer?

Nuendo 5.5.3 update, since installing, Nuendo crashes every time i try to process the compressor plug-in on an audio clip. very anoying.

hi kev

if you want help you need to post much more information.

platform, os, hardware, software versions. plus an exact repro of the problem.

Actually, I had the “5.5 isn’t installed” error message on my Mac, so I did the following:

Moved Nuendo 5 to the trash, temporarily.

Moved Nuendo 5.5 application out of the folder it was in. (Which the original installer created.)

Applied update - no problem.

Reversed first two steps, all OK.

It seems that the checking program is a bit stupid…



Hello, yesterday i try to activate my nuendo 5.5 but i couldn’t find my activation code…i need help please!!

Hi Folks,

I seem to not be alone in this problem but I just installed the update from N4 to N5 and when I boot N5 it can’t find my license.

I got the activation code with the update and my elicenser control center shows the N5 + NEK licenses just fine.

I’m on W7 Pro64. I sent in a ticket to support but can anyone here tip me off more quickly to a solution? I see there’s a bit of voodoo that work on a Mac.

EDIT - reading the threads, it sounds like I’m suppose to email support for an N5.5 activation code? Not the most elegant solution. Would be nice if upon registering the license, the website would generate a message TELLING us that we have to wait for a code before we can get started. Maybe I’m not understanding what’s going on, but it seems to me that whatever the registration process is, it should be automated and it should be instantaneous.

All squared away.

Just tried out the multi-track quantizing on a 12-track drum recording. Worked great! Thanks!

I have had some trouble with the edit grouping. At first I was getting an error when creating the edit group about it not being in synch and some tracks were not included in the group. I tried again after bouncing all the tracks in place with a new common start time and it seemed to fix the problem, but then I tried the same technique on a group of 3 bass tracks and I still got the error message - however it included all 3 tracks in the group regardless of the message.

The project in question was originally an N4.3 project - not sure if that matters. A few tracks had plug-in on them but I zero’ed all the tracks out and it didn’t make any difference.

Not sure if this is a known issue or not.