Nuendo 5.5.3 very slow response

Hey All,

I just did a fresh install of Nuendo 5.5.3 on a Mac Pro running Lion 10.7.3.

I’ve got a Macbook Pro running 5.5.2 very happily but this system just doesn’t’ seem settled in and stable yet. I resolved my export issue from last night but this morning a new behavior has started.

After running a session for a few minutes and doing just a few edits for example moving a few regions the system comes to a crawl. Hitting play does nothing for almost 20 seconds. Same thing with stop or trying to move a region. I’ve restarted and repaired permissions, and had this behavior happen with several sessions today with various plug ins or track counts but none over 16 tracks at most. These are light sessions of basic sound design or editing so the system can more than handle it.

Any one else experience Nuendo literally coming to an unusable crawl after just a few minutes of use?

Similar setup, Intel Quad Mac under 10.7.3, haven’t seen that problem even with fairly full film reels (40+ tracks). What does slow things down is when a disk falls asleep… but that’s it.

my disks shouldn’t be sleeping, heck I don’t even let the display sleep!

And I’ve got wifi off and other culprits as well.

But the slow down is occurring. System seems fine, I work for a while, then just every keystroke takes 20 seconds or so to actuate. I restart, repair permissions work for a few hours then eventually the same thing happens. Sometimes 10 minutes later, other time 2 hours seems random but maddening.

weird. there’s definitely something up with the system.

rogue plugin perhaps?
rebuild new n5 prefs
try new user acccount on mac
might be a drive issue? if you’ve got another drive handy install lion and n5 on it. see what happens.

Thanks for the response Max.

I’ve got an almost exact duplicate system to the one I use in my own rig installed at work. So I’m starting to suspect our work IT “encryption” software that we have no choice to escape. Its non-negotiable meaning the audio video team can’t “opt-out” and its driving us nuts.

Thanks again for your reply.
I"m going to monitor my system’s performance and try to note what processes run when I notice the slowdown.



I’m starting to suspect our work IT “encryption” software that we have no choice to escape

Be thankful you’re using Nuendo.

I was helping another studio that did their original recordings in an audio app to remain unnamed (but whose current publisher rhymes with “no baloney”). Recordings would have weird skips and dropouts. No noises or clicks, just an instantaneous and unannounced skip in the recording whenever IT department’s low-level software would take over.

IT removed the low-level utility, after much complaining. But they got back at the audio department by completely disconnecting its web access!

This is still happening.
I’ve had to resort to using ProTools 10 recently because of this issue.

Logic 9 is fine, PT10 is fine but Nuendo 5.5.3 takes 5-10 seconds to just start playing audio after hitting the spacebar. With only a couple audio tracks in a session. Strange, unbearable, sad, and literally driving me away from using the app.

Anyone with any suggestions please chime in because I really prefer Nuendo but this issue is a workflow killer right now.


Similar issue. Nuendo just stops and the screen freezes for 10-20 seconds. I’ve turned off auto save and have no other programs running.

I’m pretty sure it started with the 5.5.3 143 upgrade. How do I roll back to see if it’s the culprit?


I also didn’t have the problems with my other rig on 5.5.2. However, my system that has this issue is a Mac Pro with a fresh install of 5.5.3.

The delay is unbearable. And I’ve got to work so am using Pro Tools until I have more time for troubleshooting which is a major disappointment.

If you can (I cannot MOST of the time) - DISENGAGE the ‘tempo track’ and it runs much smoother here. All the issues started with 5.5.3. Plenty of threads to that affect.

Why don’t you just install 5.5.2 again to see if it changes?

Is the the best (safest) way to revert? It’s broke but don’t want to ‘break it’ any further. :wink: