Nuendo 5.5.4 update available

Dear forum users,

the new Nuendo 5.5.4 update is available here:Nuendo 5.5.4 download

Version 5.5.4 introduces RF64 file support for audio files larger than 4 GB and is fully compatible with Steinberg’s new live-recording software, Nuendo Live. The Nuendo Live project file can directly be opened within Nuendo, making it easy to transfer live-recorded audio material to the post-production studio. In addition, several issues have been solved.


Any news on the 64 bit scrub fix for OS X?


So far I am absolutely loving this version! Thank you to all at SB. I’m probably more impressed then most since I jumped straight from 4.3 to 5.5.4 but honestly it’s thrill to work on now. Anyone else who might be holding back, I can’t speak for if a particular feature you need may still be there or functioning but the sheer number of overall improvements in workflow is astounding. I finally jumped because I had a drum track from a very well known/expensive drummer who had less then stellar scratch tracks to work with and so his timing wavered. There was no way to get him back in to recut. The new multitrack quantizing worked like a charm right out of the box and saved the production on the first day I had the update loaded. The track feels relaxed and human and yet it’s tight.

I was also blown away at being able to merge 2 mono tracks into a stereo track and having it automatically process all the lanes/takes underneath as well!

Great work and thanks again!

  • Better and better - batch export has been invaluable this week. Both for a music session and for a VO session where the film-maker wanted to take the various actors’ tracks as separate sound files.

Hi tehere,
i have 2 licences of nuendo 5, but when i registered both on Steinberg’s site i have recived the activation code for only one copy of nuendo 5.
Does anyone has a similar problem?
Many many Thanks.


I have generated a second activation code for Nuendo 5.5. Please have a look at your MySteinberg account.