Nuendo 5.5.5 and OS X Mountain Lion

Hello everybody
im about to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion is there any known problems with this system ? any drivers, software issues, problems ?
PS. Happy new year :slight_smile:

Working fine here, most of our workstations are on 10.6.8 but our newest couldn’t be downgraded and is on 10.8.2.

thanx for the replay, my machine is also on 10.6.8 … you said you wanted to do the downgrade i guess its not possible anymore to get downgraded after the upgrade? do you miss anything on 10.6.8 wich you couldn’t find it on 10.8.2 ?

Hello Emilio,

Apparently Apple has made it harder to downgrade the latest machines, no surprise there. It may still be possible but at some point we just move forward and when it becomes impossible to work we move to Win7. Hasn’t happened yet fortunately for our workflow.

At this point everything is ok. 10.8 has things in different places and things hidden but we haven’t had any issues getting to everything we need. I’m not afraid of Terminal and am capable of ruining a machine there. The Library is still accessible fortunately as we’re in there frequently. We’ve been able to install things just fine, we keep GateKeeper on stun until we need to install something; one of my colleagues wrote an AppleScript that puts GateKeeper controls on the desktop and warns you repeatedly/annoyingly when it’s off. Annoying for him but we have to watch for errant operators harming things. That’s why we keep drive images.

I may not be the best resource for problems because we don’t have every plugin known to humans as some folks do, we have a bunch but not everything. Apparently there have been some graphics bugs on some of them although I think if they work on 10.7 they tend to work on 10.8. I think.

Two most annoying things so far -

  • No install discs; huge pain without drive images
  • Software Update takes you to the App Store/Updates. Trivial I know but I hate that. Oh well.