Nuendo 5.5.5 issues

Audio tracks sometimes strangely go non working and must restart entire computer before they will work again in projects while Instrument tracks continue to work.

Instruments Tracks take more CPU load than loading VSTI in the VSTI Intrument rack.

Video Engine Crashes randomly after an hour of work or play time or sooner. ERRATIC Behavior - unacceptable.

Making new input busses in VST Connections will create erratic behavior. Will create a runtime error or lock up nuendo. must use task manager to end task.

BAD CPU and ASIO buffer handling. Projects that worked great in older versions suddenly start spiking in this release of Nuendo 5.5.5.

Graphic and waveform content load slows down nuendo extremely. Some projects just slug around even when they are not very heavy projects.

Pro sessions with minimum 80 tracks (audio and vsti) work horribly.

Projects from MAC OS cubase 6 do not transfer seamless to a windows based nuendo 5.5.5 machine.


IMO worst release ever 5.5.5

Fix your “SOFTWARE” before your decide to price it at 2k usd
Especially when professionals are buying your software for demanding projects and we choose you as solution and pay the extra put the development time into seeing to that your more expensive software is working bug free.
We don’t really care for all the fancy features. WE CARE ABOUT STABILITY.

WIN 7 64bit
Nuendo 32bit
Nuendo 64bit
128gig of RAM <_______________Pffff

UAD, WAVES, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, FABFILTER, SOUNDTOYS with no other plugins used in sessions.
All legit plugins and major manufactures with latest updates.



Please edit the swear words and other improper language out of your post, otherwise I will be forced to delete it.


funny mines fine maybe you have a problem or every body else is just lucky think about it.

When it comes to DAWs in general, the expressions “Russian Roulette” and “House of Cards” come to mind. Honestly, given the “wrong” combination of plugins, system status, status of DAW/System/Plugin health & updates, hardware and drivers, any DAW can be a “Piece of S#^t”.

Just this week I was marveling at how stable my system is with N5.5.4 after I solved a few plugin problems with updates. I’m thinking of imaging the drive now, while everything is stable. I’m a firm believer in stability above all, but unless one company is responsible for a machine, hardware, OS, DAW and plugins from the ground up, then many many things can go wrong with the dependencies that are out of the manufacturer’s control (for example, isn’t the video handled by Quicktime?..).

And sure, it would be great if software was thoroughly debugged before the next generation is released, but in the kind of market they compete in, it’s practically impossible for a DAW manufacturer to stray from the necessity to stimulate sales by including new features before old problems are fixed. Sadly, that’s what keeps the business wheel turning. But while some features aren’t 100%, often some workaround is possible.

BTW, N5.5.5 is an unsupported pre-release. Was 5.5.4 as unreliable for you?

How about hiring a dowser and have your rooms checked for bad cosmic influences,
or simply get yourself a properly set up computer rig?

What you tell us is, you have a compromised and faulty DAW machine.
How else it can be that the majority of users work happily in a wide area of jobs
and produce films, CDs, ads, game-sounds… to the best quality in astonishing complexity,
flexibility and scope. Nobody could do this with the beaten-up software you describe.

I would appeciate if you could rephrase your complaints into: “it does not work - on my system”
and not shout out loud the obvious wrong. My rig has proven rock solid with 5.5 for months, now.
What are you doing wrong?? Find out, fix it and enjoy…

Big K

Now, now - let’s not be too hard on lalithkr … he’s not the 1st one to let off some steam in this forum.

I too have a few stability issues with N5 - the kind of thing that I’ve never seen on any of the other versions since 1.6.

Although I haven’t seen most of the things listed by the OP, I too have issues from time to time with his first complaint: “Audio tracks sometimes strangely go non working and must restart entire computer before they will work again”

Maybe it’s only less than 5% of the time, but it is a show-stopper and something I’ve never see since N1.6.

Also, I have two other main stability issues that appear erratically, but pretty often: random tracks somehow have their faders become linked for no apparent reason. So I’ll be changing the volume on a lead vocal, and then find that the kick drum, rhythm guitar, and sax have now had their volumes changed - and usually brought to the same volume of the fader I was trying to work with - so now instead of my kick being at -9 it’s now at +2. This can be a real PITA - especially if you thought that you had these instruments set perfectly two hours ago and now don’t remember their fader positions. Or worse, an instrument fader only gets moved one or two db, and so you don’t notice until way later - maybe after bounce-down.

I also find that sometimes copying and pasting effects from one track to another can cause the plugins on the new track to be non-working. I then have to delete them and add them again - one at a time - defeating the entire benefit of copy and paste track settings.

Now it can be argued that this is something entirely dependent on my particular setup, but I’ve never seen such large issues on any previous release of Nuendo across multiple computers I’ve owned over the years.

I have a few issues with 5.5, but they’re mostly visual things like the markers look crappy, I can’t read the marker name, etc. But there are so many positives that I wish I could run it all the time. My PC, however, is still running Windows XP SP3. Under that, Nuendo 5.1 is rock solid, so i use that for my day-to-day. On my Mac running OSX 10.75, Nuendo 5.5.5 is great, and 5.1 is not. On my other PC running Windows 7, version 5.5 AND 5.1 run great.

Oy, so many things to think about :slight_smile:

I personally feel Steinberg needs to recommend at least Windows 7 for version 5.5 and up.
I don’t know about Nuendo 6, but I assume it will run best under 64 bit, which is where everybody seems to be headed. My Mac is not able to upgrade to 10.8 - will I be able to run Nuendo 6?

Thanks. Note to lalithkr: It’s true - ANY DAW software at one time or another is going to run like a POS. Just the way things are, depending on plugins, OS, computer, time of day, etc. I just try to find whatever version runs best on that machine and NOT upgrade it, but rather upgrade the computer. Sort of like if you’re 60 years old, you might be able to get a 20 year old girl to go out with you, but know that you’re going to die in the act of trying to perform like a 20 year old guy :slight_smile:

I was running XP SP3 (and the old system still exists but is now for either DVD authoring or Dolby Digital encoding since the DDE will install on Windows 7 but is not recognized in Nuendo any longer) and stability was never an issue for me at all since the days of version 2.
N6 will definitely not install on XP (although I suspect this is a conscious choice) so now I am running both 5.5 & 6 on Windows 7 with no issues at all as far as stability goes.

It has been my experience that 99% of stability issues are caused by incorrect usage, bad setup, mismatched components, bad drivers or 3rd party plugins…


Whoops…bit of tester slip there I suspect…


Typo there - I keep getting mixed up with version numbers because of the differences in numbering for what is effectively the same product!
Nuendo 5.5 is basically Cubase 6.5 big brother & I often get the 2 mixed up & call it v6.

I wish the version numbers matched - I would look a lot less silly :blush:

I sometimes can get around this without restarting if I go to my soundcard and change the buffer settings while the project is still open. It doesn’t seem to necessarily matter what the settings are, as long as they get changed.

Also, it often is one of the plugins on the insert of an audio track that makes the track stop sounding - quite often a UAD, which I see the OP is using and which I remember reading long ago on this forum was causing issues with some people when N5 came out, although sometimes a Waves plugin will do it too. Bypassing the plugin temporarily will at least allow you to continue to work without restarting.

Lastly, if you don’t need video, disabling the video engine files in the Nuendo components folder - videoengine.dll / VideoEngineDecoder.exe / VideoEnginePreloader.exe - seems to help stability.

Your issue could be different since a restart fixes it, but look at the track automation list and see if “Enable Output1” is there. When a track is no longer audible, see if that parameter is set to “off”. I’ve had this happen several times in Cubase 7 and Nuendo 5.x.

Writing an “on” to this parameter on all audio tracks seems to avoid the problem (assuming what you are seeing is the same), but this parameter isn’t in Cubase 7, so once it happens, the project is ruined and has to be manually rebuilt in a new project (track archive will just transfer this bug). Also, once it starts happening it seems to spread to other tracks.

@ lalithk,

Make sure you are always using the correct versions of your plugins with both your 32bit and 64bit systems (or that the plugins are bridged correctly - jBridge is the best) as any mismatch can definitely cause some of the problems you describe.

WOW, thanks for all the comments.

So been some time since, this enraged post.

I did the following cus I am married to steinberg and to make my life easier.

Now I run Nuendo 5.5.5 64bit. With all updated drivers, versions and rigorous testing with no 32bit plugins what so ever for all future projects.

I run Win 7 on a Macpro, So i updated AHCI drivers in WIN7 and got SSD harddrives.

The ram is still 128gb so all those heavy kontakt and VSTI sessions run smoother. Projects are much more stable in 64bit mode.

The random audio dropouts and tracks not playing glitch thingy has not happened in some months. It might have been a UAD thing. Latest version of UAD and 64bit plugs are running great.

Still Existing Issues
Media bay does not see or read some wav files but sees the folder.
Media bay does not load file list quickly even on an SSD drive.
Media bay window does not open immediately, Lags and seezes nuendo for a few secs.

Closing heavy projects and opening different projects without reopening nuendo app sometimes results in projects not playing until full system restart. ( I think maybe it has to do with nuendo not unloading all the resources the closed project has taken not sure…) Only applicable to Nuendo, other windows app audio plays fine so I don’t think a soundcard issue.

Nuendo application startup time is still really long. Projects also take a long time to load. (maybe cus they are heavy with active VSTI) I wish it could be faster.

Freeze is extremely sketchy. Freezing VSTI (Kontakt for example) and then Unfreezing will result in Kontakt loosing its patch. Not sure if its an NI or a Steinberg issue. I wish freeze would just work. I really like the option in protools where you can hide tracks. Wish we could do that. Or maybe we can and I don’t know about it?

Overall life is smoother after extensive testing and saying goodbye to a lot of third party plugin developers in nuendo 64bit land. I don’t use jbridge also. Still waiting on Sound Toys Native to go 64bit…

I am wondering about the move to N6…
I recently helped a friend install C7 on OSX 10.6.8 ( extremely buggy ) He dropped 600usd or whatever it is, and it was a bit embarrassing to see him have issues. I really wonder why so much instability issues these days.

I am scared to move to N6. (staring at the box sitting in front of my desk and wondering should i do it. should i do it)

One issue with Nuendo 5 Media Bay is length of file names (Description) it helps if the naming is under a certain number… It happens on PC Nuendos when you are looking at .wav’s with description created on macs.
If you cut down description detail and length then Media Bay sees it!

Any one know the magic number?

Just Edited down a Description on an SFX File to 194 and that was fine so this would suggest the magic number is 199
or 200 hope that helps those who didnt know?