Nuendo 5.5.5 NEK update problem

For Window XP:
Running update Nuendo to 5.5.5 no problem.
Running update NEK 5.5.5 will not finish, it gives the same failure as the updat for Halion Sonic SE 1.6.0

The about message give’s Nuendo NEK 32bit 5.5.5 from august 2012.
What’s wrong?

I had the same problem…Let me see if I can remember what I did…

You need Winrar, a free program.

With Winrar you can extract the actual files from the Setup.exe
Once you have done that, go to the folder where the files were extracted and
double click on the Nek update file, not the setup.exe file, it wont work either.
The file you want should have .msi extension.

there is more info in the cubase forum.
Someone over there had the same issues and this is how they got around it.


Thanks to Rotund.
It works.!!!
Unpacking with the Windows option (right mouse click) will work also.