Nuendo 5.5.6 - finales Update verfügbar

Liebe Foren-Mitglieder,

Steinberg veröffentlicht heute Nuendo 5.5.6, das finale Produktpflege-Update für die Nuendo 5.x Produktgeneration. Das kostenlose Update hat alle Qualitätstests durchlaufen und wird voll unterstützt.

Das Update und die ausführliche Version History können hier heruntergeladen werden: Nuendo 5.5.6
Hinweis: eine Aktualisierung des NEK Packs ist nicht notwendig.

Behobene Probleme:

• Export of markers as CSV file now works correctly.
• Show Automation button now works properly.
• Loading Nuendo 5.5 projects now works as expected.
• The multiple-monitor-sources button can be enabled now.
• Bus-recording now works correctly when sends are auto-connected (when the track was created).
• Changing the sample rate under Mac OS X 10.8 now works properly.
• Entries in the Undo History are now in sync with the system time.
• The action “length” in the Project’s Logical Editor can now be properly set to a fixed value.
• Recording audio onto partitions equal or larger than 1 TB now works correctly.
• Scrubbing on MIDI Parts now works correctly.
• The click no longer drops out when Control Room with more than one studio bus is active.
• When opening a Project on a different computer, the corresponding audio files are now linked correctly.
• Mono/stereo files in surround configurations now play correctly.

• Zoom-to-selection function in Sample Editor can be disabled now.
• If an Audio Part contains events with an Xfade outside the Part boundaries, the “Dissolve part” function no longer leads to an unresponsible state of the application.
• If the “Record File Type” is set to MXF or FLAC, freezing a track no longer leads to heavy distortion or disk overloads.
• Tagging audio files in the Mediabay now works correctly.
• Under Mac OS X 10.8 Nuendo now detects sample rates properly provided by the audio driver.
• When a certain external input is removed in VST Connections, the selected channel is no longer changed.

• Creating a new project when importing a MIDI file now loads GM programs in HALion Sonic SE properly.
• Expression Maps with no Sound Slot entry in “Articulation 1” now works correctly.
• Logical Editor Presets in Nuendo are no longer grayed out.
• MIDI Monitor plug-in no longer displays a wrong MIDI channel.
• MIDI CC is no longer resetted when “Reset on stop” is disabled in the Preferences.
• Recording in loop mode in the Key Editor no longer renders the application unreliable.
• Using the key command for “Edit Active Part” when not focussing on the Key Editor window no longer leads to an unstable application state.
• Using the Freeze MIDI Modifier on a VOCALOID instrument track now works properly.
• When exporting and importing MIDI files, MIDI length adjustment is now working properly.

• Beams are now handled correctly.

• VST 3 plug-in parameter automation can now be edited correctly in case the automation values are inversed.

• Creating an instrument track and undoing this operation no longer renders the application unreliable.
• Hiding a VST 2 plug-in no longer hides the VST 3 version as well.
• Loading Neo Soul Keys Presets via Nuendo 5.5 Inspector into HALion Sonic SE now works as expected.
• Nuendo EQ is now fully backward compatible.

• Nuendo now correctly reads out the “Enable Record Command” status of the SyncStation on program start-up.

Beste Grüße,