Nuendo 5.5.6 / Kontakt 5 pops (Win 7)

Anybody having problems with crackles and pops using Kontakt 5 out of Nuendo? I’m using a MOTU UltraLite interface and have never had problems with it, so I’m pretty sure the MOTU ASIO driver isn’t the problem.

Also, I get clean DFD voices playing from the Kontakt 5 standalone app but from Nuendo even with just one loaded instrument it cracks and pops consistently.

Tried a lot of different buffer/core settings but nothing seems to have any effect. (My drives are all 7200).

I’m not seeing any other complaints about this on the forums but I’m newly registered so may have missed something. Apologies if that’s the case, but any help/advice would be most appreciated.

Thx! - Joe

I am having the same problem in N5.5.6 and N6.

The answer is to use the Freeze function on the VST Instrument screen. This writes the audio to a file (I think) and then unloads the VST. It works, but if you want to make a change to the part you have to UN-Freeze it, make the change, and then RE-Freeze.

I now Freeze all VSTs - it brings the Performance meter levels right down.

Thanks for the response Chris. Just to clarify, at this point I’m just inputting notes on a new part with one instrument running and am getting the pops - this problem is bad enough that I 'm simply not using Nuendo - in other words, I have no part data to freeze so the button isn’t even active for me.

I’m assuming your problem with pops is more minor than what I’m experiencing…like an intermittent problem while working with multiple instruments?

…if you have time to follow up, I’d be interested to know whether you get pops from just using 1 Kontakt instrument like I’m having. Thx again! Joe

Have you checked the buffer size in Nuendo Device Setup ? - it might be too low.

post your system specs… could be related to numerous things, e.g. Hyperthreading on /off, wrong system performance setting (background tasks/programs), Windows Aero turned on/off … or just another plugin acting weird.
OS, Nuendo and Kontakt plugin, all x64? Any other plugins in the chain maybe?