NUENDO 5.5 64 bit and Waves

I have visited my friends studio where we tried to open project with WAVES plugins in it on NUENDO 5.5 64 bit. Attempt was failed. Also we did’t find waves plug-ins in “plug-ins information”. When “update” bottom was pressed we got: “Waves VST-shell and Waves plugins can only run in application that support VST shell Plugins(kPlugCategShell)”
Also all not Steinberg plugins expose it’s controls in a very wired way or cannot expose it at all or cannot be even inserted.

incredibly waves isn’t 64 bit yet.

Apparently, 32 bit VST3 plug-ins can’t be bridged to 64 bit. My Waves plug-ins work fine as AUs in Logic 64 bit and Nuendo 4 32 bit, but won’t show in the demo version of Cubase 6 64 bit.

I’d like to update my Nuendo now that 5.5 is out, but this is a real stumbling block for me and I will have to continue working in Logic for now.

All go and complain to Waves…
We want 64-bit…

AND to Apple for a 64-bit Quicktime player…

just a guess, could you bridge 32 bit waves stuff if you used the vst2 versions?

All of my 32-bit plugins (UAD-2, BFD2 etc) were working fine in N5.1.1 64-bit using Jbridge - but they don’t work in N5.5.

Back to N5.1.1 for me!

I don’t think a VST3 compatible plug-in will show as VST2 when it’s in a VST3 host. The only way round it seems to be to install an earlier version of Waveshell, but that opens up a whole new set of problems, i.e. MPX Tape is V8 only.


we are already in contact with many VST plug-in manufacturers asking them to offer 64bit versions.
I hope and expect that we will see more 64bit plug-ins on the market sometime soon. A bridge solution

  • however it look like - cannot be a long-term solution.


Thanks Timo,
It would be great to smoothly transfer all projects to 64 bit version with all plugins we used to see in our lists.

A bridge is still needed as a legacy solution though for some developers… I would like to continue using my PowerCore plug-ins for as long as possible, but they are never going to be 64 bit ever, according to TC, so I need some way to get them into Nuendo… I’ll certainly update everything else as and when it becomes available though.