Nuendo 5.5 64Bit Load Time w/ Vienna Ensemble Pro

Hi -

I am running Nuendo 5.5 64 Bit on a Win 7 64 Bit box with 16GB Ram. I purchased Vienna Ensemble Pro to host all of my Orchestral VirInst and developed a fairly large template in Nuendo for composing.

The primary purpose for doing this was to eliminate the long load times associated with loading a 14GB (Vi intensive template) into Nuendo. Also, to allow for rapid client project switching keeping all of my samples loading.

What is happening is that Nuendo is still taking about five minutes to load, and I am perplexed as to why.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Greatly appreciated!


How many MIDI ports per instance are you using?


DG is right - I had the same problem. Lower it to 16 and everything will work well.


I am intrigued by this thread - DG are you saying that? Limit to 16 ports per instance of VE Pro? I know this is a Steinberg forum but…since we are round the table here…

I run large templates but sitting in slaves. Load times in Nuendo seems mainly due to waiting for certain plugs that are not “slaved”. For example I usually have Synthogy Ivory Pianos loaded as a straight plugin (no idea why, I just do).
That holds up the load.

Anyway - 16 ports per instance seems to run against the whole VST 3 thing no?


The more ports you have per instance, the longer the load time. Just use as many as you need. Personally I’m using 2 per instance, but anything up to 8 will be fairly quick in my experience.

Multiple Ports is a VST3 features, but do remember that in VST2 you only have 1 port per instance, so even 8 is a huge improvement.


Duh - I’m confusing ports and channels. Definitely tired…

How about audio channels per instance? Does this affect Nuendo project load times? Or the sheer number of VE Pro plugin instances in the project?


Hey Guys -

Thanks for all the replies and conversation. I was using 32 ports per instance, whcih I definitely did not need. I have dropped it back down to 16, and I may even go lower. I seem to have a performance gain. More news to come.

That’s 256 MIDI channels per instance. Personally I find it easier to navigate wen I have a few more instances, as trying to find the right channel, when there are 256 in a single instance, would be rather time consuming for me. :wink: