Nuendo 5.5 activation code issue resolved

BTW, if you really need to have the Nuendo 5.5 activation code immediately, there is a workaround for that.
At the moment, all newly registered Nuendo 5 USB-eLicensers get a Nuendo 5.5 activation code right away. It’s only the already registered USB-eLicensers that take longer.
So, if you delete the USB-eLicenser from your account and register it again, you should get your activation code automatically.

I bought and registered the N5 upgrade last week, downloaded N5.5, installed and registered it - that was on 1st December. I’m still waiting for my Activation code and would appreciate it asap please.

I am also waiting for NEK 5.5 update code to appear

I´m still waiting for my activation, it´s been 3 days now, what can I do?



There are two unused Nuendo 5.5 and NEK 5.5 activation code waiting in your MySteinberg account since August.
You should use them first.

How do I do that? I installed 5.5 and it says there is no license?


No license code for 5.5 here, it would be nice that you sent it to me too



You posr date from 2011… We are in 2012 and I don’t have the code yet!


I’ll take care on this. In case you’ve not received the code in the meantime, you’ll get it immediately.


Got my Activation code today, many thanks

Javier from Spain


My Name is Ivan and I have the following problem with my Nuendo 5.5 key:

For now I use Nuendo 5.1 with Professional licence and I expected to receive the same one for Nuendo 5.5. Instead I received two keys for Nuendo 5.5 with Educational licence. This is not a good solution for me cause if I activate them I’ll be not eligible to maintain my commercial activity using this soft. For this uncheerful reason those both keys are still not activated and I still can not use Nuendo in version 5.5.

So is there any possibility to receive one key for Nuendo 5.5 Professional instead of those two keys for Nuendo 5.5 Educational? I draw your attention once again - they are not activated yet!

With thirst and impatience I’m waiting for the fast resolving of this confusion.

Thank You!

AFAIK, there are no specific keys for eductational.
If you take a closer look, you will see that the upgrade license speaks for xx, xx, xx and “educational” (forgotten the exact wording). Which does not mean that your license will be “downgraded” to educational.

Unless I am terribly mistaking …


Upgrade licence speaks:

“Nuendo 5.5
Steinberg, Upgrade for Nuendo 5, Upgrade for Nuendo 5 (Educational)”

So, if I understand you right - this is the upgrade for Nuendo 5 and Nuendo 5 Educational?

That is correct.
The upgrade is for both Nuendo 5 and Nuendo 5 Eductaional.


Registred Nuendo 5 on the 27.01.2012, 12:22. Steinberg support question recived on the 30-01-2012. 12.56.

Stil no licence for 5.5 recived?. Can this be sovled rather quicky ? I´d hate my 5.5 “trial” to run out in the middle of a session :wink:.

Kind regards


Please have a look into your MySteinberg account. There is a Nuendo 5.5 license activation code waiting for you.


I am having the same problem. I just upgraded from Nuendo 4 to 5. That went ok, but when I updated to 5.5 I have no Activation Code

Would appreciate the help.



Got it working. Thanks

I have the same questions, and I don’t see where they’ve been answered (unless I missed it somehow in the 5 pages of comments)

Question 1: Now that I’ve gotten N5.5.2 working, should I uninstall N5.0?

Question 2: I’m getting the Loopmash error too:

Application ‘LoopMash 2’ has caused the following error:

eLicenser(s) contain no valid license for this application.

Please connect a valid eLicenser and restart application.


  • Click to abort.

Is 5.5 supposed to include an activation code for Loopmash? How do I find and install it (it doesn’t appear in my eLicenser control center or in the list of License transactions on MySteinberg).