Nuendo 5.5 activation code issue resolved

Upgrade licence speaks:

“Nuendo 5.5
Steinberg, Upgrade for Nuendo 5, Upgrade for Nuendo 5 (Educational)”

So, if I understand you right - this is the upgrade for Nuendo 5 and Nuendo 5 Educational?

That is correct.
The upgrade is for both Nuendo 5 and Nuendo 5 Eductaional.


Registred Nuendo 5 on the 27.01.2012, 12:22. Steinberg support question recived on the 30-01-2012. 12.56.

Stil no licence for 5.5 recived?. Can this be sovled rather quicky ? I´d hate my 5.5 “trial” to run out in the middle of a session :wink:.

Kind regards


Please have a look into your MySteinberg account. There is a Nuendo 5.5 license activation code waiting for you.


I am having the same problem. I just upgraded from Nuendo 4 to 5. That went ok, but when I updated to 5.5 I have no Activation Code

Would appreciate the help.



Got it working. Thanks

I have the same questions, and I don’t see where they’ve been answered (unless I missed it somehow in the 5 pages of comments)

Question 1: Now that I’ve gotten N5.5.2 working, should I uninstall N5.0?

Question 2: I’m getting the Loopmash error too:

Application ‘LoopMash 2’ has caused the following error:

eLicenser(s) contain no valid license for this application.

Please connect a valid eLicenser and restart application.


  • Click to abort.

Is 5.5 supposed to include an activation code for Loopmash? How do I find and install it (it doesn’t appear in my eLicenser control center or in the list of License transactions on MySteinberg).

hmmm, well the Loopmash error seems to have fixed itself… (I swear I did NOTHING, it just works now)

I’ve used Nuendo5.5 trial version for about 1 month after that i brought a legal copy of Nuendo 5 at my local dealer.
Now i want to updated to Nuendo 5.5 and it doesn’t let do that.
I’ve already tried to install Nuendo 5.5 again and it appears as Nuendo 5.5 trial version
What am i doing wrong?

thanks a lot

Which licenses does the ELC shows?
Having versions installend and having licenses on your dongle are two different things.


It shows all the licenses.
The Nuendo 5 that i brought and the Nuendo 5.5 Trial

Indeed, there is a trial for Nuendo 5.5 and a regular Nuendo 5 license on the USB-eLicenser.
However, I assume that the program installation of Nuendo 5.5 went fine as you can use it as the trial version.
I have placed a Nuendo 5.5 activation code into your MySteinberg account. If you log in, you can see a new code is waiting for you.

Problem solved!
Thanks a lot

Nuendo5 bought three days ago.

And yesterday was registered in MySteinberg.

I saw the page MySteinberg for updates

5.5 There was no activation code for the update.

I nuendo5 activation code, there is only registered.

How can it be an update?

Spicecan, please check your MySteinberg account. You should find an activation code for Nuendo 5.5 now.

Bredo, that’s a mistake on our end. Just disregard those activation codes.

I purchased the Nuendo 5.0 upgrade from 4 early last week and finally installed it yesterday. It took multiple attempts as i found out that Lion 10.7 does not play nicely with certain VST2 plugs, had to remove them one at a time until the issue fixed itself and 5.0 would finally open. Next I tried to update to 5.5 but it kept asking for a new code and the old one for 5.0 didn’t work. I see here in the forum that Steinberg has to deposit a new code in my account , How long will that take?

Limey222, I placed two activation codes for Nuendo 5.5 and the NEK 5.5 into your MySteinberg account.

I have a couple of activation codes i need fairly urgently, and a set of licences transferring from a defunct licence key to a new registered key which is urgent as i have a useless DAW on my hands. I sent a request Friday but have not received a response. any idea how long this will take please?

This is something else as it is only about a defective USB-eLicenser you need replacement codes for.
I wasn’t able to find an email request. Have you received an automatic confirmation that we received your email?

Please send me a PM containing the number of the USB-eLicenser that is defective.