Nuendo 5.5 activation code issue resolved

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Hi Im having a similar problem have downloaded the 5.5.2 update but unable to activate my usb e licence code.
It says no e licence available.Any help would be great as having to run 5 at mo.

Are you still having that problem? I checked your account and it already lists a Nuendo 5.5 license.

Hi its activated thanks im just having another problem at moment .
It crashes after quitting out of a spl deverb trail,which doesnt cause 5 to crash.
Thanks Gary

I am having the same problem as many others here regarding activation codes for N5.5 and NEK5.5. I thought this would be an automatic process, but it seems I have to request for the activation codes personally. So here I am requesting: May I have my activation codes please?

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Hello again,
As I have neither received a response here nor the activation codes yet, does anyone advise if I should do the workaround as suggested by EdDoll? Has anyone tried it successfully?


Please check your MySteinberg account. There are two activation codes available now.

Thank you very much for your support.

Hello! I’m waiting for the code for NEK 5/5?? Can I get it? Thank you!

Check your MySteinberg account :wink:

Can’t update from 5.5.1 to 5.5.2 or 5.5.3 — The message I get is: “You need to have Nuendo 5.5 installed”
For some unknown reason, it cannot find 5.5.1 on my Mac HD???

I’m waiting for the code for Nuendo 5.5 Can I get it? Thank you!

Please check your MySteinberg account.

Hi Ed,
I don’t have the key to 5.5 with NEK. I checked mysteinberg and I only see the trial license there. I opened a support case, but if there were a way to get this working faster, that would be great.

Just got Nuendo 5, came in the mail today.
Been using the Trail…Nu5 installed fine and works…No License issues…Updated to 5.5
and I still get the trial license windows on start up???
My dongle shows the full Nu 5 license but still shows the 5.5 trial.
I guess I need someone to put the 5.5 activation code in my Steinberg account.

Please get this to me asap, I have sessions tonight and tomorrow, the weekend…

Would love to use 5.5

Thanks in advance…

I registered my NUENDO 5 with the ELCC several days ago, and NUENDO 5 works good. But I didn’t recieve the activation code for NUENDO 5.5 in my mysteinberg until now. would you please help me? Thanks a lot. :unamused:

I’m waitting for my Nuendo 5.5 code, who can help me? thank you.


Have you filled out a support request form? You can find the link in your my steinberg account.
I did and my issue has been resolved pretty quick.

frankwei, please check your MySteinberg account for a Nuendo 5.5 activation code.