Nuendo 5.5 activation code issue resolved


May I also have activation codes for Nuendo 5.5 and NEK 5.5?


Mikael Bergholm

I have placed them into your account.

Thank you.


i have an activation code of nuendo 5 but my eLicenser is not updating it as it is been used for nuendo live

I’d like to have a 5.5 activation code, and if necessary, one for NEK, please.




I too need an activation code for Nuendo 5.5.

I’m excited about Nuendo 6!!!


Well… that was easy. Hadn’t considered that I had taken delivery on N5 until late Friday evening, which must have been into the weekend over in Germany…


You both should have the activation codes by now…

Yep. Sorry for the impatience! I know it was just a “weekend” issue. Up and running!


It wasn’t difficult at all-- I just registered my N5 after office hours on Friday, and didn’t think before sending my email. Codes showed up late Sunday night (first thing in the morning over there).

On the other hand, it does seem like this process ought to be automated and instantaneous (where it’s being the weekend wouldn’t make a difference). But it was no big deal.


I have just purchased an upgrade from Nuendo 4 to 5. I have successfully licensed the new code and I can now see the Nuendo 5 license in the manager. However i have installed 5.5 and i do not currently have the new code for it. Can you please send through the activation license code for 5.5.


Hi, I just registered a new eLicenser with Nuendo 4 and NEK 4 on it and upgraded to Nuendo 5 and NEK 5. Could you provide the 5.5 activation codes for both please?

Thank you!


Would you please provide me the 5.5 Nuendo and 5.5 NEK activation code in my account?


Hi Ed, maybe you could bring this valuable piece of information to the attention of us users in a different way. I just found it in the middle of this huge thread and thought I’d give it a go. Works like a charm! Got the codes immediately, which means I’d been waiting for nothing, really.
Is it worth turning it into a sticky or something? It could be very helpful to anyone waiting for their codes, I think.

Anyway, Im glad I’m up and running. Cheers,


I would also like to ask for activation codes for Nuendo 5.5 + NEK 5.5.

Thank you!

I have placed new activation codes into your account. Sorry for the delay!

I have a fresh Nuendo 5.0
Could you send me an activation code for 5.5 ?

Thanks EdDoll! Just activated!


I have just installed Nuendo 5.0 and NEK 5 and would like to update to 5.5 for both Nuendo and NEK

Please could I have the activation codes for these?


Hi, same here, just updated to N5 from N4.
Could you please send me an activation code ?