Nuendo 5.5 and OSX Lion

Anyone here running Nuendo 5.5 on OSX Lion?
If so, hows the stability?

I may be have to transition to Lion soon, but Nuendo has to be functional and stable so thought I’d ask around before taking the leap.



Nuendo seems fine. It’s the rest of things that might not be great under Lion. I have tried Lion and have now deliberately back-graded a new MP to SL (not recommended by Apple).

Things that really suck about Lion that you should know before making the “choice” if you have a “choice”

Nuendo - Pops a and crackles on playback at times from Media Bay and general playback sometimes (PCi 424 Card, Wordclock) Stability? Fine.
Spaces - does not work as before. Expose: gone. Just gone. Think “mission control”, think iPad.
Finder - scroll bars gone or crippled/no info about files at bottom of windows/no colour icons/side bar order changed for no apparent reason other than to annoy us/windows style “grab-able” window sides really annoying/
Finder - disk copy routines hog the CPU. Seriously. Can’t do in background now.
Finder - reloads EVERYTHING that was up before you shut down. Think about this: this is no good if you are running interdependent applications like VE Pro or Re-wire, that must be loaded in a particular order. I have searched wide and low for a preference on this. (I am not talking about Application specific recall, its login recall).
Latency - unchanged as far as I can tell.
Drivers - watch your step and test everything one by one (eg sound cards, SATA cards whatever).
Firmware updates - don’t go there unless you are committed to Lion. There may be no going back if the motherboard gets a hit from an update.

I have not tried too many plugs, but Altiverb WILL NOT INSTALL onto Lion. It is ok if you UPGADE an existing Snow Leopard that has Altiverb installed. Audioease have no apparent road map for creating a Lion compatible installer. I force-intalled Altiverb (by dropping the relevant files in place) but Alitverb then acquires amnesia, and has to be told it’s presets folder every session.

VE Pro have only just release a version that they same to fel really is stable under lion. I get feelings of concern from the developers there. Just a sense of annoyance about Apple.

All in all, I am furious with Apple about Lion, with all due respect of course to the deceased genius. But the iPad mentality is a force majeure that is making me consider switching platforms.

So in my opinion, if you have the choice, stay with 10.6.8 r1.1. It’s really SOLID.

Best Wishes.


EDIT - Just to add to the above, Powercore latest (4.3.1) does work ok on a hexacore MacPro under Lion. This version I recommend to any users running 10.6.8 too, as it now does not stall bootup. But staying balanced, it must be borne in mind that Rosetta is NOT COMPATIBLE with Lion. This means presumably that VST Bridge is out too.

I use Nuendo 5.5.1 and Mac OS 10.7.2. Some annoying things mentioned are a question of preferences settings.

Finder - scroll bars gone or crippled/no info about files at bottom of windows/

Scroll bars appears when called and the info at the bottom of windows will be there if you set the Finder windows to show it.

Finder - disk copy routines hog the CPU.

Not on the four computers where I installed 10.7.

Finder - reloads EVERYTHING that was up before you shut down.

At shutdown, just uncheck the box saying that it will reload everything at login.

Thanks for the tips but:

Hogging - ok not very scientific, but when copying to a drive that is also putting out video I get stuttering, whereas I didn’t under SL.

Scroll bars: they appear when called for if you have a wireless mouse. If you are using two mice at once (common in a recoding setup) the wired mouse will not trigger the scroll bars to appear. (There is a preference I know, I know…) I just hate the iPadizing.

Info at bottom of Finder windows: ok found that now. Good one thx.

Shutdown tickbox - yeah. But you have to remember every time.

I appreciate you tips Kewl - but did you not struggle at all to get any of your plugs working etc etc?

Best Wishes


Some third party utilities are now available to tweak some of the “annoying” features of Lion. Have a look at this:

As far as plug-in goes, it became evident early on that PPC plug-ins would not be compatible, so I took them out of the Nuendo 4 and 5 packages. I had no third party PPC plug-ins, so that took care of itself. Some PPC plug-ins are still present in Nuendo 5.5, but they don’t prevent Nuendo from launching anymore.

that’s really handy, thank you.

Thought I’d post back about my progress with Lion.

As has been mentioned Lion feels overall bloated and slower than Snow Leopard. I understand there were some security improvements but in all, I like many others, feel Lion is really focused on similarities to iOS more than professional features and speed. What this means in a couple years when I’ll do my next hardware updates I don’t know yet but the direction Apple has taken overall is one I like as a consumer but despise as a pro. The strange thing is I"m starting to get a sense that in 2.5 years I’ll be running Apple products as my consumer gear and Windows 9 or whatever they’ll be at for my studio rig. If you had told me that would be the case 10 years ago I’d still be laughing now… my how things change though…

Not back to my current conclusions.
Everything is fine. That about sums it up. ProTools 9.05, Nuendo 5.5, Wavelab 7, Reason 6 are all working. All my plugs are working except Flux PureLimiter as RTAS but that also wasn’t working in Snow Leopard. Flus can’t figure out why yet but Felix and I are in discussion about it.

As for my upgrade specifics, I…

  1. Made sure I was current on all software update
  2. Repaired Permisions
  3. Cloned my Snow Leopard system drive, for emergency purposes!
  4. Bought Lion from the app store, downloaded it and installed it.
  5. After the restart I was disappointed at all the fluff and bloat of the new operating system.
  6. So I had an excellent Stone IPA from San Diego (my current favorite beer) then got back to it…
  7. I started researching terminal hacks and tweaks to make the system work as I wanted…
  8. I got rid of the animating windows, and increased the speed of windows opening… makes the os seem faster.
  9. I got my user library folder back
  10. I ran the terminal command for preventing application and windows restoring
  11. I made scrolling and mail work like they did in Snow Leopard
  12. Theres more but thats all I can remember so far.

So in the the end, my system is working just fine, I finally feel like my preferences are set how I’d like which is basically to mirror Snow Leopard but I can’t believe it took so much effort to tweak an OS to get it to my liking. The end result is functionally my rig is completely solid. But emotionally, I’m very aware that this may be my last Apple based workstation and for that I’m sad because I never expected Apple to release an OS with so much fluff that I’d spend hours researching how to disable it.

And ps, thanks for that app link, that utility should save people from the hours I spend looking for and running the terminal hacks individually.

Is there any way to get Expose in Lion? Or has that gone for good? I can’t imagine working as I do without it…

Its there.

Configure it for gestures or keyboard, just as earlier.
What are U missing?


I am feeling the same as wavecatcher on this.

My Lion install seems to be pretty sluggish on GUI in N5.5 compared to a SL install on same machine. The Lion install is “out of the box installed over SL”. I also heard clicking noises on audio (RME PCIe Madi card). Weird. I am going straight back to SL again. I actually think SL will be my last professional Apple OS now.

I even loaded up Windows 7 in Bootcamp but really struggled with it. My main problem was that on a 3 screen setup (1 Apple 30" and 2 Apple 23") the Nuendo interface got completely confused and could not figure itself out. The whole GUI is a window within a window (yes I am completely new to windows) but as the 3 screen layout is not symmetric in the vertical dimension, it seemed to be a show stopper.

I will I believe HAVE to face running Windows soon.

Also without a certain person at the helm at Apple anymore, I think it really is anyones guess where Apple is headed now.