Nuendo 5.5 BUGS


I am experiencing some bugs with Nuendo 5.5. I thought it may be helpful if you all list bugs or problems you are having and possible fixes you find for them.

Midi Click.

There is a weird silence upon activating click(I use external Midi click) when a track is playing. Activating click during recording or playing a track Nuendo 5.5 often bugs out and does not stop recording/playing the project for some time.

Deleting overlaps.

Sometimes Nuendo gives out the following error when attempting to delete overlaps:

" A serious problem has occurred: Please try to save your project under another name and then restart Nuendo5.exe. If this problem persists please contact Steinberg Techncal Support with a description of what yu do to create this problem, and the created file “XXX.LOG”.

Click ‘OK’ to be informed about further occurences of serious problems, or ‘Cancel’ to suppress these warning in case of cascading warnings.


It seems that the new multi track/“drum” quantization feature is a bit bugged. I will try to detail this later, but for now, is anyone else experiencing problems with this new feature?

Using shift to select many channels.

When using shift to select many VST instrument channels, some input channels also get selected. This bug happens in versions 5.1, 4 and 3 as well.


The Post Filter bug that I posted with version 5.1 is still around… It now happens both on preview and process!

I see the same issue when turning on the click as well. My 5.5 is running very crappy on large projects, i.e. 80+ tracks. Meter ballistics are delay from the actual sound. the whole GUI looks like its in slow motion. I will try OS rollbacks this evening and see what gives.

Ever since this happened I’ve started and finished every new job in protools. I hate protools but the lack of response this issue is alarming and I cant risk it till things are fixed.