Nuendo 5.5 can't start new project!!! Templates Empty!!

Hello All,
I can’t start a new project. It says templates are empty. I can’t find them anywhere.
Also existing projects won’t open. Help!!! Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

And yes the previous projects were from an earlier version. Way early version. Nuendo 2.
Do I need to reinstall and start over?

there’s no reason that n5 won’t open an older project (within reason). i can open nuendo 2 and 3 projects without issue. however to open a n1 project i need nuendo3 installed.

do they open at all or crash during opening? can you post a link to a project (just the npr file, no audio) so that i can try it here?

templates are stored within the preferences folder.

you don’t say what platform you’re on (or indeed anything at all about your system). get this info into your signature and get back to me about the n2 projects.

a slight retraction. in order to open n1 projects i have to have n3 installed on a ppc mac. it won’t open n1 projects on an intel mac.