nuendo 5.5 crash because of elastic pro algorithm

Hi all

I have used nuendo for years since 1.0.

I have a huge bug using nuendo 5.5.
It crashes randomly reading a 100 tracks’ projects with automations.
there is no way to export an audio mixdown on these projects it crashes as well . we tried to fix this using other computers. we tried windows XP 32, win 7 64 and win 7 32 but nuendo 5.5 still crashes.

I spent a all day with M.Roche (steinberg france) and we finally found what was the problem.
Nuendo 5.5 force elastic pro algorithm when importing audio files to pool or using media bay.
If you are “real time time stretch” or “real time pitch” user you’re in trouble.

The work around : go to your pool and turn all audio files algorithm to “standard mix”.

I have a request : could developers add an option in pref so we can choose the algorithm when importing audio, and also please fix this major bug.

Thanks in advance.

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Perhaps the issue is due to additional overhead that may be needed for the algorithm which is maxing out your machine (most likely memory?).

Don’t know if this is related or not, but I have experienced issues with this algo when importing S-XML files that were created by SSL Pro-Convert from PTF 7 session files.
You get a warning when opening the archive that the algo is not compatible with the source files.
Will re-run a conversion & try to get a screenshot