Nuendo 5.5: External EFX and Routing Config

Hi -

Been struggling for hours trying to get my external gear working with Nuendo 5. Here is the equipment list:

RME HD 9652 (w/ Total Mix)
Apogee Rosetta 800
Presonus Digimax LT
Presonus Central Station
Nuetrik 24 Patch Bay

Current configuration:
Apogee connects to the RME via lightpipe
Digimax connects to RME via lightpipe
SYNCH = Word Clock
This all works great and always has.

Apogee outs 1&2 connect to Central Station TRS1 (Main Mix Ref)
Apogee outs 3&4 connect to Central Station TRS 2 (Primary Cue Mixing)

Outboard Gear (Wishing to Connect via VST External EFX)
Empirical Labs Fatso
Empirical Labs Distressors (2)

So here is how I currently have things configured:
I have all of my outboard gear going into the patchbay to allow for inserting inline when using my mic pres; however, I want to use them from within Nuendo as insert EFX.

I have all Apogee Analog Inputs/outputs coming into my patchbay and am using 5&6 and 7&8 respectively for the the External EFX in VST connections.
Using my patch bay, I just patch the effect in place a voila, I get readings on my outboard gear meters.
The problem is that when inserting the external gear as an insert effect on a channel, I cannot hear the effect at all just the regular signal going to outs 1&2 of the Apogee for the ref mix as these connect directly to the central station from the Apogee.

I have tried almost every scenario I can think of but do not hear the External processing at all.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Did you ever get this worked out? I can’t get it working for me either.