Nuendo 5.5 glitches and stability?

I’m curious how those who have updated to 5.5 are doing with glitches and stability.

I usually like to wait for the fixes but the new features are hard to resist.

i really like 5.5 but the way dropped-in audio is handled is bugging me so much i’m going to roll back to 5.1.

Really ? Would you mind to take a second and share your opinion ? I’m pretty happy right now, finishing one project today which I began on 5.1 (I love the risk :slight_smile:)

Just work on a project with about 120 audio tracks, 20 group tracks, about 15 VSTis and ~18Gbyte RAM used. No hiccups so far, the CPU sails smoothly at about 60-70%, as it did with 5.1.

What is it about “dropped in audio” that is bugging you so much?


Curious about the bug fix mentioned for this release related to automation for group tracks.
Here is the description from the Nuendo 5.5 release notes:

“VST / Plug-ins / Audio Engine
Group track did not read automation in specific situations.”

I have had trouble in the past with Mute, solo automation especially where group tracks are involved. Does this update fix some of those issues for anyone?



If you are talking about the new lane mode then I couldn’t agree more.

So far I like it a lot,
the new lane method reminds me a lot of PT and I am not a fan but maybe I’ll get used to it and like it…so I give it some getting to know you time…

Only glitch I have encountered so far is that on Windows if you’re selecting a track I used to be able to change the track color by using the mouse wheel when hovering over the color, that no longer works. Friend of mine confirmed it’s still working on a Mac, confused to why this would be happening.

Overall it seems very stable but I just started using it yesterday, too early to tell I guess.

You don’t need to, Max.
5.5 installs separately to 5.1 in it’s own folder, leaving 5.1 completely intact.

thanks neil, i meant it metaphorically.

here’s my gripe about dropped-in audio:

we run with delete overlaps activated. when recording audio (mostly voiceovers) we rock and roll through the script – if the artist makes a mistake we roll back and drop in. easy.

but n5.5 it’s flawed. imagine we have three lines of voiceover – the artist is so bad that each new line needs to be dropped in. here’s line 1:

and here’s where where line 2 is dropped in – i now see an overlap (shown with hatching).

if i drop in again for line 3 i see another overlap. annoying but not a showstopper.

but then i want to adjust the start of line 2. i select that line

then here’s the killer – when i move the start of the second region (line 2) my drop in point for line 3 is lost. n5.5 decides that it wants to keep the whole of line 2 and loses the dropped in start of line 3.

Hey Max.

I knew that you knew…but did you know that I knew that you knew? :wink:

I also know what you mean about the dropins.
Another thing I just do not like is the new lanes handling, or the automation nodes problem with them all disappearing, so I am very glad N5.1 gets left alone…

Why don’t you set your recording to “replace”?
All of your files will remain in the trashcan.
If you need them, just drop them back into the pool/project => move to origin, and you can scroll though the takes.


Seems like a “solution” of sorts, but why was this changed in the first place has to be the question?
Also, dropping in should not need the audio to be replaced - a dropin is supposed to supplement the existing take, isn’t it?

Forcing users to activate the replace option doesn’t really put a good case forward for lanes does it? The new lanes system needs to go back to the drawing board.

that’s interesting fredo. i have always run with the audio mode set to replace but n5.5 seems to default to a different setting.

i’ll do some more tests and see how well it works.

Please don’t look for an argument where there isn’t one to be found.
I suggest activating replace, because what Max is doing is comping/replacing instantly without using lanes.
For those who want to comp later (after recording), of course activating lanes is the way to go.
So these are two different workflows for two different situations, nothing to do with “forcing” users into a workflow.


actually fredo’s got it spot on.

n5.1 (and indeed n4) behaves exactly the same way if replace is not activated. i feel rather embarrassed that i didn’t spot this before.

I’d rather a solution to the new lanes system instead of an argument if that’s alright by you.

On a slightly related note, I spent a few hours getting to know the new lane system and actually really liked it once, I figured it out. I can see where this could be a problem with voiceovers that are not in time but for music this works really well.
Wouldn’t these sort of out of time overlabs be a problem in N5 as well without any sort of realigning the files?

I’ve got some crashes on exit with old projects. I’ve also had some “lost plugins” in a couple of sessions that I’ve been moving from N5.1 to C6 to N5.1 and to N5.5.