Nuendo 5.5 + Lion + 64bit

I Guy ! I have a problem! I’m Testing NUENDO 5.5 in 64 bit mode under Lion. When Nuendo Started 64 bit mode, i can’t load some plugins like Uad2 …or Waves. Under Snow Leopard i can use this plugins in Nuendo 64 Bit Mode…

?? Why ?



simple. waves (and presumably uad) haven’t released 64bit versions of their software.

Sure…but… Why under Snow Leopard , Nuendo 5.5 64 bit , …and Uad2 works fine?

I can’t see graphic interface directly …but works… !

I use 6.0 Uad2 Software , Lion Compatible.

The Plugins presumably are in 32 bit… but the driver is 64 bit

Just a guess here but:

Maybe Lion forces 64 bit kernal at boot up.


I reported this here long ago…

Snow Leopard: Nuendo 32 bit: all plugins load
Snow Leopard: Nuendo 64 bit: all plugins load in bridge
Lion: Nuendo 32 bit: all plugins load
Lion: Nuendo 64 bit: only steinberg plugins load

Lion forces K64. Snow Leopard doesn’t.

Ah… thanks. This would be a GREAT release note… huh?

You can turn Lion back to K32 also. Just run the normal syntax or use the K64enabler tool (Google it)


Now wait a minute, Logic running in 64 bit mode on Lion can run 32 bit plugins. Why can’t Nuendo?

This would imply that Steinberg can, but chose not to support 32 bit plugins in 64 bit Nuendo.

Nuendo runs 32bit plugins just fine under Lion. But sadly there are some plugins with Carbon gui, and that doesn’t run great in Lion.


Seems there may be a lot of plugins then… I can only get stein berg plugs for the most part.

So you are implying that some plugins that use carbon GUI’s are not showing up in Nuendo 64 on Lion but do not show up in Nuendo 32 Lion?