Nuendo 5.5 Mac 64-bit - crash on mp3 export

Anybody experience this with the new update? In 64-bit, AIFF and WAV export fine. Try to make an mp3 export and crashes every time. Tried different settings, but no difference. Turned off all plugins, no difference.

hi neil

i’ve got virtually the same mac as you but i can’t repro this – 64bit mac n5.5 exports mp3s without issue here.

Hmmm…still happening after trying in several projects.

try moving the n5.5 [and older versions too] prefs folder[s] to the desktop. then launch 5.5 and let it build brand new prefs from scratch. try the export again and report back.

please keep us posted about your findings. We would like to fix the problem but noone seems to be able to reproduce the problem.


I removed the preference folders, all the way back to Nuendo 2 and had the same problem. I also:

re-installed N5.5
tried exporting with no plugins
unchecked “high quality” mode for mp3
tried exporting a blank worksheet with no audio to render

Still crashing on mp3 export. Re-re-installed N5.5. Anybody else experiencing this? I’m running OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). Should I upgrade to Lion?

what happens if you create a new user account on your mac pro, login to that account and try to repro again?

Couldn’t get Nuendo 5.5 to load with a new user account. May be some plugins and configurations. Don’t really have time to figure out which one(s) to copy/delete. Inconclusive at this time. This is getting tiresome, as I create mp3s from Nuendo almost daily.

i’d repair permissions and make sure you’re running the very latest elicenser.

if that doesn’t help you just have to knuckle down and sort out why n5 won’t run in a new user account.

OK, I dug back into this issue. I got Nuendo 5.5 to do an mp3 mixdown while in another user account. I went back in to my normal account and moved every preference I could find to a desktop folder, but it still keeps crashing. I also tried moving other Nuendo and steinberg files in both libraries to no avail.

hi neil

okay so you’ve proved that it’s not an issue with nuendo directly.

in the original user account can you post the crash log that happens when you try to export? that would help us find out the issue.

if it was me i’d just move all plugin and prefs to the desktop. rebuild all the prefs and then put the plugins back one at a time until i could repro the crash.

Chris from Steinberg/Yamaha spent time with me yesterday via desktop remote diagnosing this. It’s not conclusive yet, but he nailed it down to being in 64-bit OS mode while in 64-bit N5 mode. Once we went to 32-bit mode in Nuendo, it worked properly. He’s looking deeper in to this, but thinks it could be Quicktime related. I’ll post updates. Thanks for everybody’s input, it’s what makes this forum very useful.

Hi, i have a similar problem but with Cubase 7.0.6. I´m using OSX Mountain Lion and Cubase 64 bit. Anytime i export to mp3 and leave the option “Close window after export” on the export dialog window, it crash. Other wise it does not. Let me now if it´s help. Best, RT.

I would contact Steinberg’s crack software team. They stayed on it until they figured it out with mine. Turns out it was years of updates had left strings of code in my library (Mac OS X) that gummed it up. I’d been using Nuendo since V 1.5 (on OS 9), so your problem might be similar.

Ok Neil. manny thanks :wink: