Nuendo 5.5 project was created with Nuendo 1.x couldn't load

I just very recently purchased a copy of N5, and when I’m working, Nuendo will freeze, and upon closing it, it TOTALLY DESTROYS the project file. There’s a message that says “Project “Name of your session” was created with Nuendo 1.x. This program version cannot load it.” when you try to reopen the session after you restart Nuendo. Even getting the backup files to work is iffy. I came one backup file away from completely loosing TONS of progress on a project I was working with. Now I’m constantly making a ton of save as files to make sure I have lots to try when it does it again. I have two big post projects coming up, on top of all my music work, and I’m having severe trust issues with this uber expensive software not even saving properly. What the heck is going on? This is seriously keeping me up at night worrying that I’m going to loose everything one day. Running Windows 7 64 bit, 16gb memory, N5.5.4 64 bit.

Nuendo 1 … Geez … That’s more than 10 years ago.

Al lot has been changed since then, so the problem could be anything.
I don’t even know of Nuendo1.x files are still supported …
My guess is that the project file is OK, but that the used plugins (Steinberg and others) are making a mess out of this.
I’m thinking of Direct X plugins and so. (No direct X in Win7)

Have you tried exporting an OMF, Opetn TL or anything of that kind and re-import these into N5?
Anyway, no matter how much someone wants to help here, we simply can’t.
You will have to trace down and troubleshoot the problem.
But post your Nuendo 1.w project file anyway, see if someone on the forum can open it.


No, what I mean is the session is and always has been a N5.5 session from day one, but when it freezes, that’s the error message it gives me when I go to reopen the session.

Oeps … Sorry. Completely missed that.

Euh … I have no idea.


post the project file up here.