Nuendo 5.5 stopped playing back WIn 7 32Bit

I have no idea what is going on. It seems that Nuendo 5.5 wont play back the projects now…no audio comes out. I tried changing the ASIO drivers just for fun, then I could see the meters moving in the project by no audio obviously…but at least the meters moved when on the generic driver. Strange.
But When I open Nuendo 5.1 it works fine. What the hell is going on here? I also tried that 5.5.1 update which did not work either.

I’m using the Lynx AES 16e. And Aurora 16 It all worked fine before…I guess I should do the old uninstall. I’m just not clear as to why it just stopped working… Hmmmm?

i had this problem once, too. couldn´t reproduce it and it was gone the next time i loaded another project.

today i even had a dropout during playback all of a sudden. no big cpu load or stuff going on. never had any problems with nuendo 3. it was the most stable version for me. since switching to n5 i´m having a lot of strange issues. hopefully the next official release will solve all this otherwise i have to switch back to n3 which would be a shame cause this could be the best nuendo ever - if it just was stable.

hey do you happen to have UAD cards in your rig?

yes, one UAD-2 duo and two UAD-1 cards.

Interesting, I have one of each also and I noticed last week I was getting this error for the uad cards when opening projects. It said can’t load cards or something. This happened when I installed the UAD update. 6.0. I think… I just assumed it was a card issue. so I blew them away and reinstalled them both…perhaps it messed something up in Nuendo? Hmmmm…

I occasionally get this too.
Usual fuix is to load a VST Connection preset I have saved.
It seems that sometimes VST Connections just get, well, lost.