Nuendo 5.5 strange snapping in arrange

I have a project that was set to bars and beats as the primary timebase and the secondary time base was timecode.

When I would click in the arrange window the cursor would snap correctly to the setting I had chosen in the snap settings. For example, snap to bar or beat.

I imported a wav file to the beginning of my project which was bar 9. I was nervous it wasn’t at the exact same start point as the video so I “swapped” the primary and secondary timebases in the transport window. So now I could see that new wav file was in fact at exactly 16.00.000 seconds. Great! I swapped back the primary and secondary timebase settings in the transport bar so now they are again Primary = bars and beats. Secondary = timecode.

Well, here is the problem,
Now when I click in the arrange window. the cursor no longer snaps correctly to bars and beats. It does if I click in the bars and beats ruler, but not in any of the audio tracks in the arrange window.

Could this have been caused by toggling the timebases in the transport?

Anyone have any ideas as to what can I do to get the snapping function to work correctly in this session?