Nuendo 5.5 Video Engine

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I remember a while back at the initial launch of N5 in Soho, London, all the exciting features that were promised including the re written video engine etc…, and more specifically remember being told, and reading on various posts the flexibility this video engine would be able offer; in terms of incorporating video overlays.

The main feature that we have been waiting for in N5 is the ability to display streamers. In all of the updates thus far, I’ve always crossed my fingers and hoped it would be there! Obviously, not being the case I have to ask the realistic question : When are we to expect these?

For the mean time I’ve been vigorously testing ‘Streamers’, an application made for Mac with CSV import options. It displays streamers very well with punches and a beep generator! - Locks to MTC with lots of advanced features. Quite simple to operate but powerful and only costs $249.

I think I’ll be buying the full version on Monday considering the lack of implementation in N5, but will it ever arrive?
On a different note in some cases we’ve had to revert back to Nuendo 4 in order to display certain types of quick-times etc… Overall not really enjoying the revamp video engine and the loss of scrubbing trim :frowning:


I also wonder when it will be coming!

Great to see you also miss scrubbing trim, a feature I have requested to return for many months now. Great in N4 but for some reason it goes unnoticed.

hi nick

specifically which quicktime files (and which codecs) are you having to use n4 for?

This post is fairly old, but did Nuendo ever get video streamers, punches and/or flutters? It seems that it would be so easy to implement.

I have switched to DP partially for this reason, but would like to switch back for some other reasons.


i have high hopes that this is something we’ll see in n6 (summer 2012).

I may not remember correctly, but to my recollection someone from SB (or Fredo) posted what they were thinking about doing in terms of video for post and particularly ADR/recording, punchers/streamers being part of that. But it was a long time ago. And then I recall reading something about it taking a long time and I remember when I read it I didn’t think we’d see it any time soon (meaning not during v5, and probably not in beginning of the v6 cycle either)…

But I could be remembering this all wrong of course…

Yes, the videoengine (and the Markertrack) is/are designed for having streamers, BITC, and the likes. That was the bigger plan. And it still is. However, Steinbergs’ first priority was delivering a stable video engine and offering a 64-bit solution for it. So these options are the next obvious step. Can’t elaborate about an ETA though …


No News about Streamers/Punches etc… ???

Please Fredo tell us some infos about this.

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Paolo Panfilo

Re-read my last statement and read between the lines.

HI all,
Yes please ADR Streamers


Oh, yes please…

To really cement a place in the market Nuendo needs to implement a comprehensive ADR solution… Preferably within the context of a project so we can quickly record / add ADR lines in an ongoing project.

DEVS: go and look at how Apple are using ‘Auditions’ in Final Cut Pro X. It’s been widely criticized but they are onto something. I’ve said it before and ill say it again… Audio editing apps have a lot to learn from video apps.


nice. very nice.


this will come with the next major Nuendo version. Nuendo 6 will incorporate a dedicated
ADR panel and many exciting functions for voice recording.


Great stuff, can’t wait, as always.