Nuendo 5.5 with NEK for sale

I want to sell my Nuendo 5.5 inkl NEK.
It comes with the Dongle, and If needed with the Nuendo 4 and Nuendo 5 Boxes.

I prefer sending to germany and want 750,00 Eur for it.

Holy crap! That’s over 1k USD!


It costs 1.600,00 EUR new around here, without nek

i think your . and , `s are a bit confusing, unless you are selling for over a million and a half and comes with a free yacht

Free yacht??? SOLD!!! :mrgreen:

i wouldn`t want it, i already have a couple of rubber ducks for bathtime , besides it would never fit :frowning:

I want to sell my Cubase VST 5/32 with WaveLab 3.0 … I’m only asking $499.00 to fund a Cubase 7 purchase … I’ll even throw in tube of lubricant :smiley:

im selling an old beat up acoustic for 50.6,00..,,£s with no NEK. and i`ll throw in a G string .

Just curious. How much does Nuendo goes for in the US?

Nuendo 6.5 = $1,700 USD

NEK = $250 USD

Lands sakes savory sailor, need much more lubricant than expected, and a big push to get R’ in! :astonished: