Nuendo 5 and Novation Automap

I got a zero SL for plug in control… After installing Automap, the little ball in the V5 surround panner disappeared???

I uninstalled automap and all it’s components and disconnected the hardware etc…

this condition appears to be permanent.

Anyone else?


uninstalling Automap leaves a few things behind…

you have to go here… C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Nuendo 5\VST3 and manually delete the automap version of the surroundpanner

Quite interesting, I just thought about a zeroSL…
So…do you think it´s not recommended to use one in N5?

First of all I´m looking for a controller which also can assign plugins used for offline-processing. Is this possible via automap?


I didn’t try it with offline processing so I can’t tell you. I would say get it with a good return policy and see how it goes. Many things I liked about it

Pro’s: it basically works as advertised. You open a plug, it knows you opened it and maps the controls with in a couple seconds. Editing the parameters to only include what you really want is also very very easy. It gives you a list of plugs and you just put check marks next to the once you want to use. You can also flip it into midi CC mode with 1 button on the fly, You can use all the buttons and sliders just like any other generic controller so it’s kind of 2 in 1 functionality at the same time.

Cons: it’s bulky and angled toward you, doesn’t really fit well into an editing/mixing environment. I’m returning mine because it seemed defective. The scribble strip was very dim with out a way to adjust it. I literally had to have it right in front of me and the right angle to be able to read it at all. This was unfortunate since that was the last place I could really put it. And the thing about the nuendo surround mixer was annoying, but not really a deal breaker. You don’t have to use it with the panner and that was not the reason I unistalled.

I’m looking for a plug in control alternitive though

What I will recommend with two big thumbs up is the Tracktor Kontrol 1 by Native instruments.

They make this thing for digital dj’s but it’s so customizable and slim. I got two of them to assist with nuendo driving. in my set up across my desk it’s… Mackie ext… tractor 1… Mackie MCU… tractor 2 … mackie ext

They really don’t advertise all the functions of this box and they really push the dj bit… but they are extremely useful and the controller editing software it ships with very easy to use. Each unit has two pages via shift button and with both of them I have a grand total of 128 buttons, 32 knobs and 8 Rotory’s… and they light up!!

This does not have the same smart switching for plug ins… but it controls everything else… all the little details that you hate reaching for the mouse/keyboard for while you’re mixing.
best 400 bucks I spent this year.

Had a closer online-look to the traktor, looks very elegant, but how did you re-scribble all this DJ-Buttons? Or do you have everything in mind?

But I guess this won´t be able to control plugins, when using them offline? That´s the main thing I´m looking for, since offline-processing is one of the great pros of N, and I use it very much, escpecially for denoising and pre-filtering location sound and so on… But I´m even not shure if this functionality is possible at all.

For additional midi-controlling I use the BCR2000, OK, its Beringer but it really works great! You have seven flip-pages, each with 32 rotarys and 20 Buttons! Great for doing EQ, and dynnamic control!

Yeah no offline control

I am using them in midi mode. Takes a while to program them all but its well worth it. I’ve got some plug in controlgoing on - the most common mix stuff is mapped to the rotorys like high and low pass - lfe level - divergence etc - but instead off mapping to the plugs - I’ve mapped them to the quick controls - I’m pretty sure that I’m going to end up adding at least 1 more of these