Nuendo 5 License

Hello Guys,

Just wanted to ask a quick question. Do I need to purchase an additional of Nuendo 5 If I want to install and use Nuendo when I am travelling with my laptop.

I will not use my laptop and desktop Nuendo at the same time.

Please let me know. Thanks so much.


Nope :slight_smile:

Just install, plug in your elicenser and go.

May I suggest though that you get one of these and velcro the key to a safe place on your laptop to avoid shearing the usb key if the laptop slips off your lap.

Short usb cord for mounting the key someplace on the laptop:

I prefer these

Thanks so much guys.

But in case I loose this usb dongle while travelling. Can I have a second one active with my licenses registration ??

Thanks again - Henri

Not thai I am aware of, unless you buy another license. Be careful, your dongle costs $1800! :slight_smile:

Make sure your dongle with your Nuendo license is registered at MySteinberg, so Steinberg can replace your license if you loose your dongle. (I assume you did this, because you are posting here :wink: )

There are people who bought a second elicenser and stored the Nuendo 5.5 trial license (unactivated) on it. In case their dongle gets broken or lost they can bridge the time until they have a full license again.