Nuendo 5 update

Hi all,

Can some one please tell me when is the next Nuendo 5 update will be available with all the new feautures that are there in cubase 6 ?

Thank you

it’s been mentioned here a few times: q2 2011

Sure, but that means it will be available somewhere this month…it would be good to know whether SB is on track with this, as I can’t wait to have those features in Nuendo and my C6 demo has run out!:slight_smile:

I can not comment on the ETA, but I do can tell you that I am running Nuendo 5.5 in beta.
And yes, this version has all the C6 features.


Just for the sake of clarity:

I was under the impression that there was one more update coming before the 5.5 update. So this non-5.5 update wouldn’t have C6 features. And I thought that it was that update that was slated for Q2, not the 5.5 one with C6 features.

Could you clarify this Fredo? I’m only pointing it out just in case some people get confused and then upset…

Since I don’t do any official announcements, for the obvious reason that I can not make an official announcement, I suggest that we wait for an official announcement from someone who is in the position to make an official announcement. How’s that?



Hi everyone,

Nuendo 5.5 will not be available in June, but end of July because of some adaptations we have to do.
It will not only include the Cubase tools, further fixes with regards to the video engine, but also some
other improvements and features with regards to the workflow.


Hi Timo,
thanks for the info update –

“regards to the workflow”

track show/hide ? Finally ? :open_mouth:

Oh no, I need to add another month to my countdown to workflow heaven… :wink:

Great news :slight_smile:

Timo, what will be the cost in the US for an upgrade from 4.x to 5.5?

I don’t see how this would be secret information.


Hello Pier,

it will be the same price as the current update pricing. So, no extra money to spend :slight_smile:


Hey! Great news! Thanks Timo! Well done SB!