Nuendo 5 - Video Playback doesn't work when pressing play

I just updated my video drivers, nuendo to 5.5 and quicktime.

This did not resolve my problem.

Problem is that I drag a short (2-3 sec) AVI or MOV file into Nuendo and press play - the video output doesn’t animate and is frozen on the first frame.

If I scrub, I see the image move, but if I press play, nothing happens.

The odd thing is that we’ve tested the same video file on another machine with Nuendo 5 and it works fine.

Anyone had this issue?

you need to post more info about your system (and your ‘other machine’ as well) so we can help.


As said, please state your Os info, graphics card etc.

One tip: If you are on WinXP, there is a problem in XP with OpenGL on other than the primary monitor. If you have the video on the second monitor in Xp, try moving it to the primary, test again.



After much digging, found that QUICKTIME ALTERNATIVE codec was installed.

After it was removed and quick-time re-installed the problems were resolved.

Hope this helps anyone else with the same issue!

Great find!

Yeah, Quicktime alternative have made more hassle than good the last 1,5 years.