NUENDO 5... You've come a long way

I just want to tip my hat to Steinberg. I have been using Nuendo for Mac since its first version. It was really a bit of a disaster back then for stability. But the software in its current form has been a dream to work with (5.54). I had an opportunity to work on Pro Tools earlier this year, and it simply does not hold a candle to Nuendo for usability, intuitiveness, and yes, interface (looks). I am mixing completely in the box now (with the assistance of UAD plugs) and the results are sonically as good and better than the analog board and gear we’ve been using for mixes the past 10 years.

You folks in Germany are on top of this software now, having managed to update the program without shipwrecking the potential of this product that you have now achieved quite successfully. Thanks for listening to all our griping and and feedback. The best DAW on the market, in my opinion.

Well said!
I feel exactly the same…using Steinberg products since 1989. Now is the best time ever to be a Steinberg endorsee.

I have to agree, been using since version 1. Used Cubase before that.
Got stuck in a time warp with version 2 and just recently upgraded to 5.55
The advances in the software seemed overwhelming coming from vs 2.
Soooo much to learn.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things that need attention, but I am extremely
pleased overall with this program.

Hear! Hear!
I fixed my old Atary 1040st the other day and got Cubase (MIDI only) running on it again after how many years? Nuendo has definitely come a long way and is ( for me ) the best DAW for the jobs I do.
If you made the jump from N2 to N5.5 zu must have felt like in a SF movie and I can imagine the learning curve…
Nuendo has become what I’d call an “eierlegende Wollmilchsau”, i.o.w., an extremely versatile tool
for many aspects of audio work. I am actually not all that curios for N6 to arrive ver soon. I am still busy to internalize N5.5’s new features…LOL…

Big K

+1 to this thread


thanks very much for the kind words. More information on Nuendo 6 will soon be available.
This will again be a landmark release with many new features included. We also invested
considerable time to rewrite large parts of the application, so that the whole program can
be used more inituitive and even faster.

In addition, this major update will address some long-time feature requests.


Mother of all DAWs: Nuendo ! :slight_smile:

looking forward to N6!!

my guess/hope is a 64 bit steinberg own video engine…bye bye quicktime then!


Huh, that’d be a huge one. Not for Nuendo 6. But there’re some other very nice things in there!


I always thought that basing the video engine on Quicktime was a bad move, and as I hear rumours that Apple is going to replace it with something else, I’m still of that opinion. as long as the video engine can play .mov, I think a Steinberg solution would be much better than relying on Apple.


Well, as long as there are .mov’s around, and it is the main delivery format, we all have to rely on Apple, no matter what. A Steinberg solution will not change anything for the better. Except that it will take a fulltime job to get the damn thing working with Apple products.


I partially agree. However. there is a difference between relying on .mov files and relying of Quicktime. I don’t know the legal ramifications, but other applications than Quicktime are able to play .mov files.


… and use the QT SDK for that.
Which is exactly what Steinberg has done.


That would make sense, except that there are other programs which don’t require QT to be installed, yet they still play QT files. Is it somehow included in the installation in these cases?


Great news! :smiley: