Nuendo 5 Zoom and Scrub Slow

I need help optimizing my Nuendo 5 stations at my work.
I know very little about Steinberg products, only been using them for three months now, and I seem to run into the same situations all the time.
First, zooming and scrubbing becomes sluggish the more edis I have in a project.
Am I right to belive that the number of edits in my project directly affect the quality of playback performance?
I do editing for radio, so we are talking 4 tacks playing simultaniously, max.
We work off of a LAN and try to keep all the Projects on the server, but I find it too sluggish and end up draging the Project to my local drive. This invites human error into the system here that we wanted to avod, by working off the sever.
Even when I bring my Project to the local drive, after a few minutes the navigating becomes terribly slow. Most of what I do is listen for c licks and pops, find them with the scrubber, open the sample editor, zoom in, draw it out. This has to run smoothly.
I have searched the internet and forums/etc for answers but find none that are specific to Nuendo 5.
Please, any info or ideas would be helpful at this point.
Thank You
Dan Straub

What are you local machine system specs?

Working over LAN seems like a good idea, but I wouldn’t do it cause I’m superstitious. Perhaps a folder sync’ing program would be good? You might also be able to use Nuendo’s network capabilities

Look in prefs and enable quickzoom. This will set it up to only redraw audio when you are finished zooming instead of realtime. Though with only a few tracks I’m suspecting this isn’t the issue.