Nuendo 5

Hello - I know this is the wrong forum for Nuendo 5 questions but it won’t allow me to post there!!!

Is there a demo of Nuendo 5 available so I can try it out? As I say, I’d ask on the Nuendo forum but as a Cubase user, I’m not allowed to post there! Odd.

The last I heard was you have to contact a local distributor for a temporary license. Steinberg wanted the dealer to give the license out and provide support during the trial period. This may have changed…

Check with your local Steinberg support and I am sure they will point you in the right direction.

Good luck! Nuendo rocks!

Cheers - I’ve contacted Steinberg directly to ask them about the demo (if available).

No reply as yet. I wouldn’t want to spend £1500 without looking at first.

Just checked emails again - and, Steiny replied with a demo installation disc ready for me.

Great stuff.