Nuendo 6.0.3 update available

Dear forum-members,

Steinberg today releases Nuendo 6.0.3, an update for Nuendo 6. This new version provides extensive
maintenance in areas such as mixing, plug-ins, ADR and common program functions. In addition,
it comes with various further improvements related to the internal mixer and the EuCon Adapter.
A previous Nuendo 6.x installation is required.

The Nuendo 6.0.3 update as well as the Nuendo 6 Version History is available here: Nuendo 6.0.3 download

Please also note that Nuendo 6.0.3 is the first recommended version to be used with the upcoming
Yamaha Nuage system solution.


After the update I get an error message when starting Nuendo:

VST Sound Library “Nuendo NEK Content” not found:
/Applications/Nuendo Sound/FCP_SMT_007_Nuendo.vstsound

Same problem here.

The “show output chain” option in the channel settings window now only shows numbers instead of channel names. I’m sure it used to show the names in the last version.

Thanks for reporting. Do you own an NEK license?



VST Sound Library “Nuendo NEK Content” not found:
/Applications/Nuendo Sound/FCP_SMT_007_Nuendo.vstsound

I am getting the same error on Lion 10.7.5. I also have a NEK license.

Same message for me. I also have NEK.

Darren “Content Not Found” Ingram

v6.0.3. installed fine here (I have NEK)

No crash yet.

Same exact problem here.

Do you guys have the file in that directory or is it missing completely?

And anybody on a PC having seen the issue?

It doesn’t get installed. I saved my “007” file from the previous version and plopped it in; appears to be working, but who knows if anything changed between versions…


and was this on your mac or pc?

Well not only will Nuendo 6 64x not work for me on my PC but now the new update 6.0.3 installer (which I hoped would fix the problem) comes up with two different error messages saying:

“Some installation files are corrupt. Please download a fresh copy and retry the installation”

“Extracting files to temporary folder
CRC failed in Nuendo 6 Update\Nuendo_6.0.3_Update.msp
Unexpected end of archive”

Well, I have downloaded the 6.0.3 update three times and each time that I run the installer I get the same error message. I have even reinstalled Nuendo 6 update from the DVD again but it doesn’t help with this 6.0.3 update.

I have not had this program running since I tried installing it on March 8th. This purchase has been an absolute disaster.




I too had issues with an earlier installer. It downloaded fine, unzipped an installed on a laptop, but then failed on my desktop. I can’t remember exactly what I did, but I either downloaded the file again or went back to the original .zip as opposed to the unzipped files.


It seems as if this missing file issue is found on mac only then. Unless I’m missing something above. Which is possible, because I’m really :imp: hungry right now…

All evidence would support inferring Mac-only. So far, so good with my workaround. But still…

Have some food!


Well I’m pleased to hear that you have had some success with this update. I have tried everything possible to get N6 to work on my system. I have absolutely no problems with any other package on my Windows 7 64x machine including N5.5. I can run through the list of software that I am using without any issues and you guys who work in the business are probably using the same so I know for certain that its not my machine. Plus, I’m getting no help whatsoever from Yamaha or Steinberg they are totally ignoring me.
When I speak or email their support line they say they’ll get back with an answer but nothing happens. I’ve had this update for a good two weeks now and I’ve NEVER seen it working, how about that? So I don’t know what to do now or what the next step should be?

This is so bad. I like Nuendo, I think its a great product. Yamaha makes some great gear BUT their customer support? Words fail me.


whom did you contact at Yamaha / Steinberg? Where are you located?
I’ll have our engineers investigate the problem.


@Timo, please, do you have any time estimate for NEK Mac problem fix?