Nuendo 6.0.3 update available

No problems here…

Thank You for your concern to get me sorted out with this. I am based in the UK and I spoke and also had email communication with a support engineer at commercial audio systems support at Yamaha Music Europe. Do I need to name this person here?

His last message to me was that he had been in touch with Yamaha and was also forwarding the issue to Steinberg and he hoped that the problem would be resolved shortly, that was on the 21st March it’s now the 28th March!!!

Since my last post I downloaded the 6.0.3 update again. This time the download was clean and did not report any corruptions during the installation but it has NOT fixed the problem with N6 and I have absolutely no idea what I should be looking for or what to do about it.

@robin walsh
Are you using the 64 bit version of Nuendo 6 or the 32 bit version? And is your Windows OS 64x?

If they sell a decent amount of Nuage component that won’t cut it. Not even close.

32 bit version… Soon to be going 64 bit

hello…Nuendo 6.0.3 and Cubase 7.0.3 TRIALS inverted my Logitech Mouse scrolling directions!
if i scroll right it goes left etc etc…why?
i’m on OSX 10.7.5 and i can confirm that Nuendo 5.5.5 is working properly instead

also, i still cannot work on Nuendo 5.5.5 projects that involve video because the video engine seems to be broken (it lags, doesn’t show the video properly and generally seems not to work right)
same thing if i open the same type of projects with Cubase 7.0.3

i’m on a mac pro, latest Lion update and Steinberg MR816X

hope to have news from you soon
all the best

Would be nice if you guys could spend like 5 minutes per week to participate in the forum, since that’s apparently the best of the worst ways to get a comment (which is to say most of the time we don’t). A few issues reported here on this latest release without even a single comment from you guys.

And just how do the beta-testers beta-test the releases anyway? I’m just confused as to the type of errors that slip through the cracks.

Yes…there is something funny going on with the output section on the new release. Thankfully I still have Nuendo 5 for export audio mixdown. I have to disconnect the vst output and reconnect to get mixdowns, which totally erases my mastering section on the output. Volume of output during mixdown seems to be squirrely too.

I will be trying a new template this weekend, so hopefully I will not have anymore mixdown isses on new projects. fingers crossed

I will say that Yamaha replied back to me in 3 days of emailing support. They gave me a work-around for my problem, but it seems like there is more to be done on the output section for version 6. That will be up to Steinberg. And their forum presence leaves much to be desired.

Lydiot, Chewy and others have been instrumental in helping myself and others around here and they are not employees, they are just being generous with their time. Steinberg needs to step it up a little here in this department.

I also have the same problem with the installation of Nuendo 6.0.3. I am on a Mac pro and running Nuendo at 64 bit. I have a license for both Nuendo and NEK and this

VST Sound Library “Nuendo NEK Content” not found:
/Applications/Nuendo Sound/FCP_SMT_007_Nuendo.vstsound

This is the error that shows as I attempt to Launch the program

Any news yet?


You can open up the original N6 ISO and install the NEK again. That put’s the missing .vstsound file back into place.

They have to fix the installer problem of course, but it works for now.


Ha! Thanks for the tip.
This solution works fine.

I did the same thing, installed the 6.0 NEK and the problem seems to be gone. Hard to say if 6.03 had NeK updates. Loopmash and GrooveAgent are back anyhow.


please create a separate thread to report issues related to the program functionality. In case you have a feature-request, please post it into the feature-request thread.

Thanks for your understanding,

Chiming in to echo the error of;

"VST Sound Library “Nuendo NEK Concent” not found:
/Applications/Nuendo Sound/FCP_SMT_007_Nuendo.vstsound

after applying 6.0.3 Update pkg

OSX 10.7.5 64 bit.

Own an NEK license.

Just re install NEK after updating to 6.0.3…

They should have a crowd-sourcer-reward program where users who investigate issues and share the solutions to others get paid whatever the Steinberg personnel get paid… Since we’re doing their job anyway I mean…

I love this idea :slight_smile:

Respect to everyone at Steinberg/Yahama, Nuendo is a great product overall…but as a user you have to be crazy to go with a version 1 update for any mission-critical work. Every single one since I started on N2 has been a mess for at least the first 6 months. It’s always the same, some users are fine, some are broken. It seems to me that what we’re really seeing is the actually develop time necessary for such a complex product that runs on native (a wide range of) systems and multiple platforms. I honestly don’t know of another piece of software that does as much as Nuendo so this really isn’t a surprise. I’m sure they need the wider “beta” feedback of the full roll-out too, but I would keep new products in “testing” mode only. N5.5 is nice and stable. I simply make the point to say that there shouldn’t be a situation with a version 1 update where anyone is counting the days for a fix. It’s never worked that way and it probably never will.

Fortunately my studio wish list is long enough that it’s easy to wait until the dust settles :wink: .

While I’m here tho - a little poke to please work out the issues with the Mackie controller…when you get a chance lol.


This is the first time I wrote in this forum or any other.

After being using Cubase since 1994 I changed to Nuendo-NEK.

Anyway, last week I notice a big problem.

If I need to change the tempo of the session it does but MIDI parts don´t!

So, no matter what tempo you need, MIDI in Nuendo runs unsync.

Anyone else with same problem?

I hope this issue can have a solution very SOON.

You have your tracks in Timebased mode, rather than Musical.