Nuendo 6.0.3 Update - Found it

Mac (on the first guess!):

Naughty boys!

Well looks that we have new toys :smiling_imp:

Nice catch !

FBI warning @ Bredo : Even in New Zealand, you won’t be safe anymore…

seems as if only the track types are automatically colorized…the tracks itself all use default grey track color.
No clicks reducing in this matter… :unamused:

My color settings looks very nice (dark gray).

I don’t want open a new topic for a simple question … where is the menu/key command for: “control room do playback with the settings from mixer” (volume, pan, etc.)? In old control room, the command was in the right mouse click menu …

You fixed the scroll wheel fade issue I didn’t like. Thank you Steinberg - this is a substantial bug knocking update!

Whoa. Faders appear to have much more information on them as well. Am I mistaken?

You’re welcome!

Thanx, but where???

CR is open. Have search it with docked CR and float CR window, but no command found. I can remember, on the first N6 update, the command was there and I click it, but I don’t remember where it was. The sound is good and I hear all my changes on the CR output, but it remains a bad feeling …

Ok, have it. It’s embrassing now … this command is only aviable, if a cue send is activated.
Too much bits and bytes again :wink: