Nuendo 6.0.4 maintenance update available

Dear forum members,

We are happy to announce the availability of the Nuendo 6.0.4 maintenance update! It is available as free download and fixes many issues that have been reported by you. Thank you for your efforts.

The download is available here: Nuendo 6.0.4

Improvements at a glance

Visibility improvements
Better overall visibility of several icons and buttons as well as improved text readability of several parameters and values. The MixConsole focus indicator (white rectange) has been softened for being easier on the eyes.

Exclusive mode for channel strip modules
Individual channel strip modules can now be shown in exclusive mode to improve overview on small monitors.

New loudness meter options
Loudness meter settings can now be stored/recalled as presets. There are new options to set the true peak value lower than -6 dB and to freely define the reference level (to allow for non-EBU specification).

PitchCorrect Chord Track integration
The PitchCorrect plug-in can be now set up to use the Chord and Scale information in realtime from the Chord track in a project. To do so, load PitchCorrect on the desired audio track and set the Scale Source to “Chord Track – Chords”, then create a MIDI track and set its output to PitchCorrect in order to pass on the Chord/Scale events.

Improved Make Chords function
The Make Chords function (Project > Make Chords) now offers two new options: If “Detect Arpeggios” is enabled, there is a great improvement in how arpeggiated notes are interpretedas Chords.

Text Input for Chords
It is now possible to create chord events by entering text when using the Chord Editor.

Chord Track preference "Hide muted Notes in Editors"
This new preference controls if events should be hidden from the MIDI Editor displays instead of just showing them as muted notes on MIDI/Instrument tracks that follow the Chord track.

New MIDI Reverse function Mirror
This function visually mirrors MIDI events in a Part and can be used as an alternative way of reversing a MIDI phrase in case the Reverse function does not create the desired result.

Adding a new MIDI track with increased channel
When adding a new MIDI track via the Add track window, the newly created track will use the MIDI port from a selected MIDI channel and increases the channel number automatically.

Import Karaoke Lyrics as Text
This new MIDI File Import preference controls whether karaoke text (lyrics) are imported from a MIDI file as SMF-Karaoke (SMF-Event #5) or converted to “Text”-Events.

ASIO Driver Setup wizard
This new dialog provides information to help select the relevant drivers of the audio hardware connected without the need to open the Device Setup window.

VST Connection Helper
If no input- and output busses as well as “Studio” monitors have been setup in the VST Connections, an orange warning showing “Not Connected” will be displayed in the Status Line of the project window.

Mute VariAudio segments
In Pitch & Warp mode, each VariAudio segment includes a mute (X) symbol now. With this symbol, you can mute individual note segments.

ADR improvements
The Record and ADR modes are now specially protected against unintended interruption such as jog wheel operation and can be be operated without keeping the marker window open.
The video overlay for the dialogue marker attribute has been extended to display more characters (text) and the Take number attribute can be used to locate its relevant marker.

Return of the colour tool
The Color Tool is now available again in the toolbar!

Handling of track pictures
The track pictures browser now opens by double clicking the track pictures field.

Paste Relative to Cursor
This new command pastes multiple objects while keeping their relative position to the project cursor.

Improved vertical Zooming
When zooming vertically in the Project window the zoom behaviour now respects your track selection, trying to keep the tracks as stable as possible in the view.

Improved Track/Channel Search
The Track/Channel Search function has been improved for use with folder tracks and is now also available as a key command.

Faster Project load times
Projects using a large number of plug-ins are now loaded significantly faster.

Modern colour setup
The color setup handling has been modernized.


• Maximizing or reopening the MixConsole no longer affects the width of the channels.
• Channels that are locked left or right are always visible now.
• When mixers are linked, closing one of them does no longer not break the link.
• Agent to show connected channels now takes all cases of Direct Routing into account.
• Copy/pasting operations in the MixConsole updates the EQ Curve as expected.
• The volume is no longer affected after selecting “Deactivate all listen states” in the Control Room.
• The behavior of the Send Pan from a Stereo Channel to a Mono Group works now as expected.
• The labeling of the MixConsole is displayed correctly after resizing the mixer.
• Collapsed Channel Strip modules work now as expected when working with linked mixers.
• The StudioEQ now works as expected using different sample rates.
• The names of chained channels in the Channel Settings are now displayed correctly.
• Zooming the MixConsole no longer affects the background graphics.
• The size of the fader channel view has been adapted in relation to the mixer window.
• The scroll bar of the MixConsole is now displayed correctly.
• The control room output level is no longer increased by +2 dB.
• The “Link Mixer” command works now as expected.
• The level meter of the SurroundPan behaves now as expected.

• Switching between project no longer resizes the projects.
• A problem was solved that ocurred when closing Nuendo.
• The save time of the preferences and closing time of the application have been improved.
• Deleting a barline now works as expected.
• Splitting events in the project window with Follow Chord Track enabled no longer responds sluggishly.
• Entering values in the transport panel behaves now as expected.
• The default color handling of events works now as expected.
• The Tempo Editor now follows the color settings as expected.
• Folder tracks arm behaves now as expected.
• The MediaBay now retains its always on top status.
• The Cubasis importer works now as expected.

• The sound quality of VariAudio has been improved, segment transitions no longer create audible glitches.
• After pitching scales in VariAudio the audio updates faster than before.
• Clicking on Undo using VariAudio no longer renders the application unreliable.
• The correct waveform is now displayed after bouncing in place.
• Drag & dropping audio files from OS X’s Finder to Nuendo no longer renders the application unreliable.
• Using the Offline Process History no longer renders the application unresponsively.
• The “Tail” function of the Audio/Plugin process no longer renders the application unreliable.
• The timestretching values now behave as expected after closing and reopening the project.
• Turning the drive parameter of the Vintage and Tube Compressors to high values no longer affects panorama.
• Using the MonoDelay as an offline process works now as expected.

• Drawing many MIDI parts with many notes and/or controller data no longer creates performance issues.
• Exporting MIDI files with lyrics works now as expected.
• Recording in MIDI editors now work as expected.
• The MIDI length adjustment finally no longer works unexpected during export and import.
• The cycle range visibility in the Key Editor now behaves as expected.

• The step-input and the MIDI-input of the Score Editor works now as expected.
• The Score Editor Font underline works now as expected.

• Mackie Control Jogwheels scroll smoothly now.
• The Jog value is no longer locked to the zoom factor.

For more information please see the Nuendo Version history.


I experience constant crackles when starting playback, using MBP Pro on Windows764bit and Generic VST Driver, and when the audio has been pitched shifted using Elastique Pitch algorithm. Currently, I’m doing sound design, creating short clips. Everytime I press play, it starts with several crackles, making it impossible to hear the sound underneath properly. Highly annoying!

This bug wasn’t present on 6.03 which was stable build to me, although graphically buggy. Happy to see Tempo Track to be now more usable in 6.04 with clearer graphics. But I cannot work with this build because of crackles. So far, I haven’t changed back to any earlier build and I’m afraid to do it now, because I need to work. Can you please fix this quickly and try not to break things when making next update, yes?

Happy to give you more information to help out for the fix, just send me message or ask more.

6.0.4 sure is better here than 6.0.3.

If you can spare the time, please try to delete the N6 prefs. and let 6.0.4 rebuild them from scratch.


What is the sense of adjusting preferences if I have to delete them for every .01 update and begin from scratch ?


Exactly !!!


Why - is there a problem?

Please see attached picture, how do I avoid this? Upgrading from 6.02 on Win7.


I don’t know.

I’m really liking this update - everything is snappier, saves are quicker (including preferences and devices), closing Nuendo is quicker and the visibility improvements are fantastic. I’ve liked the new mixer since release and now with these visibility updates it’s even better.

Plugins don’t stay ‘on top’ of the mixer though. This is probably a bug…

Overall another good update - thank you.

Has any one here (other than myself) experienced the issue of 6.04 installer quiting prematurely?

Win7 64 bit over here.


Yip… Is there anything else I could try?

Hard to know what to do with no reply neither here or from support…

Can I uninstall 6.02 and install 6.04 from scratch?


yes, that is possible.


Yes! I can’t install this update either. I run the installer and it starts unpacking the files, then halts with the message:
Some installation files are corrupt.
Please download a fresh copy and retry the installation

I’ve tried this numerous times with the same result. Any ideas anyone?


And the other message on the screen is:

Extracting files to temporary folder
CRC failed in Nuendo 6 Update\Nuendo_6.0.4_Update.msp
Unexpected end of archive

Is there any way round this?


I tried downloading again, this time using Firefox rather than Chrome (which I was using) and all is fine now!

With 6.04, I still get crackles and pops when using Elastique Pitch shift on audio clips, even after trashing preferences. It is VERY annoying and makes sound design just plain frustrating. I don’t pitch-shift realtime at all anymore, I just use the offline rendered version which is slow and so old-school PT.

This feature worked just fine in Nuendo 5.5 and sounded good, I was happy to use it in real-time even with recorded instruments and vocals. It was one of the best features of Nuendo and real time saver too. And now you’ve ruined it with this update! I just hate it when software goes backwards like this, it seems like I’m being screwed here, paying for upgrade which makes me work slower.

Please fix this ASAP and restore my faith in this product!