Nuendo 6.0.6 maintenance update available

Dear Nuendo 6 users,

We are happy to announce the availability of the Nuendo 6.0.6 maintenance update! The new Version provides fixes and improvements in many areas such as ADR, visibility, workflow & operation enhancements for the MixConsole, including the ability to display channel names in two rows instead of one, as well as full workspace support and one-click plug-in access. An updated Voxengo Curve EQ version 3.2.5 with several fixes and enhancements, improved audio stability under Windows, improved UAD compatibility as well as more than 20 resolved issues in different areas of the application are also included.

Here is what’s new in detail:


ADR Taker

  • • Switching the project while ADR recording takes place now keeps the application responsive.
    • The ADR settings window is now closed when closing the project.


  • • Visibility improvements
    MixConsole now features better overall visibility and resize and window restore behavior. Depending on the zoom level, the channel names are now displayed on two lines instead of one and the font is rescaled for better readability. Mono / stereo / surround channel format now sports corresponding visual symbols. The Pre, Sends and Quick Control sections now feature consistent behavior of overlay controls. In addition the order of MIDI insert effects can now be changed, and individual MIDI effects can be copied via drag and drop.

• One-click plug-in access
Plug-ins in MixConsole can now be opened with a single mouse click on their slot position.

• Workspace support
The windows configuration and layout of MixConsole is now fully captured and restored when using Workspaces.

Voxengo CurveEQ 3.2.5 update

  • • Improved audio processing performance by up to 30%
    • A static spectrum can now be loaded from a WAV file directly
    • A “Load CSV” and “Save CSV” text file function has been added
    • Routing is now configured automatically
    • The EQ curve display now continously refreshes
    • When moving a control point close to the maximal or minimal frequency, Curve EQ remains responsive.
    • Spectrum matching is now working correctly across all groups.

Improved audio stability

  • To improve the overall audio stability under Windows, Cubase now ensures that the ASIO driver threads are using Windows MMCSS (Multimedia Class Scheduling Service).

Improved UAD compatibility

  • Nuendo now features improved UAD compatibility, preventing “sample rate mismatch” issues.

Issues resolved:


  • • When using the Arranger Track in “Pause after Repeats” mode, pressing the play button will start the playback immediately on the next Arranger Track event as expected.
    • (OS X): The horizontal zoom direction in the Project window (CMD and mouse wheel) no longer switches depending on the “Natural scrolling” system setting and will always zoom-in like on PC.
    • (OS X 10.8): Opening a project from a location using Unicode characters in the file path works correctly.
    • Unfreezing a pasted Group Track now works as expected.


  • • Setting MixConsole to full screen in a dual monitor configuration and reopening the project on a single monitor system no longer locks MixConsole to full screen mode.
    • Unexpected resizing issues after changing the height of MixConsole no longer occur.
    • Channel names, insert plug-ins and channel strip modules are now displayed with the correct font size.
    • After switching the EQ band type, the focus frames in the Channel Settings window disappear as expected.
    • The pre filter in the Channel Settings window now shows the on/off/bypass buttons.
    • Insert preset names are updated correctly when the insert effect is changed.
    • Track pictures on channels in MixConsole are now always centered properly.
    • The Solo defeat tooltip now displays the correct modifier (“ALT+CTRL”).
    • Pressing a key on the computer keyboard does not interrupt writing automation.
    • Disabling a track no longer disconnects the side-chain inputs of the hosted plug-ins.


  • • Besides the channel strip module, Nuendo now shows the regular plug-in version of Vintage Compressor.
    • Multiband Compressor no longer causes inaccurate audio if very short audio events are processed.
    • The “Live” button state of Multiband Compressor is now restored correctly when opening a project.
    • Opening a project created in previous Nuendo versions and using bridged VST 2 plug-ins works correctly.


  • • The Offline Process History now displays plug-in names correctly.

VST Expressions & Score

  • • VST Expression map symbols are now shown as expected.
    • It is now possible to scroll through long VST Expression Maps.
    • Printing a score under OS X now works as expected.


A detailed version history and the 6.0.6 Updater are available here:
Nuendo 6 downloads

Thanks for choosing Nuendo!

This sounds like what it should have been Nuendo 6.0, but it’s great to know that Steinberg is working hard fixing things. But there are some very important areas not covered by this update:

Is AAF support abandoned? I have some serious issues with AAF, for example, I can’t archive a project using AAF audio sources, or apply an offline effect to a AAF imported audio without bouncing it first.

What about the video output driver issue? And the Blackmagic support?


AAF improvements are not part of the update. We will see serious AAF improvements and enhancements
in Nuendo 6.0.7, probably end of this year. If you have serious issues, in the meantime please contact
Thorsten Marx via the helpdesk thread.


Thanks Timo.

Any word about the video issue?

Thanks Timo, thanks Steinberg. Good to hear that things are improving.

I will most certainly give this version another chance to replace NU 5.5.6 (… finally :wink: …).


Yes, another chance :slight_smile: So far 5.5.6 does great here. 6.06 has to be very good to have a chance :slight_smile:

staying at 5.5.6 for now … i started with N6 and miss a few things but 5.5.6 is stable … the one thing that bugs me is the layers of Regions on top of each other so when you go to resize one the others do not move … this may be me not knowing where to fin or what to call this in prefs … need to dig into 5.5.6 prefs more …

i like the N6 mixer myself … can’t wait to get back to it … i have a 30" monitor for a reason …



and yes, good to see they are listening and updating … next update the end of the year … ok, patiently waiting …

What about the realtime Elastique pitch shift, which now causes crackling on playback, like mentioned elsewhere before? Does this update fix the problem or are you working on it?

Great fixes. They will put my 6.05 version to rest…
I’m especially looking forward to the PC audio asio enhancements.
One click plug-in opening is a welcomed addition.

hi…mouse wheel horizontal scrolling is sill reversed…why?

Would anyone mind to explain why this is 450 MBYTES ?! WTF…

Anyone having a hard time downloading this update? I have tried 4 times and each time it either doesn’t download fully, or it says the file is corrupted.

I have tried IE and Chrome… Hmmmm…I haven’t had issues downloading these updates before.

It worked fine here.

Also 450 megs is not that much bigger than any of the other recent updates.


For some reason my downloads of Nuendo updates fail on my Macbook, but always work on my main W8 machine…

Nuendo feels really stable after this update. And, the mixer changes/updates are fantastic.

Great update! Thank you!

Great update.

I will take this mixer over the old one any day, even with the problems still to be addressed :smiley:

I have serious problems with EuCon (crashes) and video services, so I’m back to 6.0.5 that was buggy but known

Hy there guys!

I’ve searched for this online and still didn’t found an answer to this question.

With the Nuendo 6.0.6. update the MixConsole is visually constrained to the Nuendo Software GUI. In the previous versions, we could move it to anywhere we want, like the video viewer window. Is this a configuration problem I did not detect? Or is it a change on Nuendo’s workspace and workflow?

Thanks in advance,


Not a problem here. It is independent. Works for both “always on top” or full screen modes on 2nd or 3rd monitor.