Nuendo 6.0.7 keep crashing when close.

I thought it was a one time bug or so but 50% of the time Nuendo can’t close properly.
It get stuck for a while and then closed or just crash.

Very annoying. I starting to think about go back to PT all the way. I thought AVID were bad but here I find the same, and more. I need to pay for debugging (x.5), too many promised features that I cant use in a reasonable way, Pay lots more for basic MIDI composing features (NEK - if your a musician you need to pay more. why??), VSTi working weird if working at all (no VSTi for Nuendo - Post people cant play the piano).

I used to work with the N4.3 (when x.3 has some meaning to it) - It was light, fast, good for the eyes and stable as hell. I bought this Titanic N6, heavy, crashing full of bugs (what with the mixer channels getting bigger?), I payed a fortune. I try to get a tech support for all sorts of reasons, I need to go to my clumsy distributor. Yes, my support is my distributor cause there is no online support if I’m not in US or EU.

Now I’m with a bugged software, after another update, waiting to pay even more for another update, have to buy NEK cause I was stupid enough to think that I will have Drum-Score editor (In post we dont need to make beats or sampler work). Cubase people payed 1/3 the price and got their updates faster, with every musical tool they can imagine plus the ability to work with picture.

Walking through Nuendo forums is depressing - Same problems, Same complaints, Same frustrations. I thought that by buying Nuendo I will finish with the need for 3d party softs, also remembered really stable software. Flagship!

yes. It crashed one more time. I find myself more and more in the forum (no support). This flagship is sinking for me. :frowning:

I read my post and truly dont understand. I need the MIDI features. Give it to me!
I don’t need the VSTi or all the music instruments - This should be in the NEK, when someone wants instruments and samples.
But WHY closing options for someone who bought the FULL PRICED PACKEGE ?? not tools or sample banks. OPTIONS build in the software already! Midi editors, fully working chord tracks, VST expression, it is already IN NUENDO.

Open it for Neundo users!!