Nuendo 6.0x and Blackmagic Intensity Pro problem [solved]


On the windows 7 32-bit machine, install the latest Blackmagic driver, and Nuendo not seeing the Blackmagic card. The device list empty (only Onscreen window active).
Outside the Nuendo, the Blackmagic Card works properly with Black Magic Media express.

-latest windows update installed
-latest graphics card driver installed
-latest quicktime installed
-latest Blackmagic software (Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_Windows_10.0) installed
-latest Nuendo 6 update installed

On Nuendo 5.5.6 same thing.

What is the problem and solution? Any idea?

I had this problem and I can’t quite remember how I fixed it.
I think I un installed ( reboot) and reinstalled the blackmagic drivers, to get it back.
Also try powering the computer off at the mains for 10 seconds then restart, if the driver thing does not work.


Try to reinstall QT.

Bye / Tumppi

Thanks Mike & Tumppi!

The solution finally:

Before install/update blackmagic driver, it is necessary to delete the Win7/Program Files/Quicktime/QTComponents/BlackmagicCodec.qtx file. When uninstall/reinstall/upgrade Blackmagic driver, the installer application do not delete the old BlackmagicCodec.qtx file. It’s that simple.