Nuendo 6.5.3 avail...

Nuendo 6.5.3 is available. No one felt the need to announce it here I guess.

Thanks for the word up!

You would think they would at least let us know about it on this forum.

It’s at the top of the forum…

… and is called the Announcements section.
The place where Announcements are announced.

(Granted, I also mostly login directly to the Nuendo forum)
(And in the past, Timo has duplicated some of the announcements in the Nuendo section …)

But stil …


Can you please Announce that Announcements are Announced in the Announcements section.
The place where Announcements are Announced. :mrgreen:

And… as someone who actually likes the idea of the Hub…

… wouldn’t this qualify as the kind of news you’d want to see in the “News” section of the Hub? Isn’t that another place where announcements like that announcement ought to be announced?



wow a great list of fixes… Though I had to say that I never stepped over one of these issues in the list, and in the same time none of “my” issues seems to be covered :wink:

One question:

In the control room - the level of the individual studio sends - now via that small fader - is there now a “value” or a scale? It is even more confusing now to handle the control room than before, even whit the meters/faders of the studio sends beeing now vertical… but only one send at one view (click click) and no way to 1/1 adjust or compare the level of different sends because there is no scale and no number (for instance “-6,3db”).

I hope they will at least enhance the controlroom in a way that I can have all studio send faders/meters in one section at the same time… Everything else in the CRoom is fine

Mh, sadly no update on the Controlroom Studio sends… but just tried to hold down ctrl while clicking the individual studio tabs… at least I can keep more then one tab open at the same time - was not aware of that. Ok, this has nothing to do with the update - but I was under the hope that they had just “forgotten” to have a value-field at the send fader, I really do not hope that this is meant as a “feature”…

Please ad values! The fader is THAT tiny - 6db more or less is a lot but on that fader just “a little”.

When he posted the first post in this thread the update thread wasn’t visible in the Announcements section. I thought the same thing as he did when I read his thread.

Yea I saw it over at GS first and came directly here to find no announcement.

I’m glad my external instruments don’t need to be connected every time I open a project now.
What’s up with Groove Agent Se? They changed it already. I just got used to it.

Ahhh. Touche’. I think he makes and excellent point!

I “hate” the new Control Room. Tiny meters and sliders, and…Ooooh, to tired to nag about this any more.
But it’s about “useless” in comparison with the N5.5 Control Room, especially in a full band tracking scenario.

The new “Fisher Price” mixer is not my fav as well (some great features though).

Sorry, but when reading about fixes/changes for the CR and Mix Console, I was hoping for “more”.
But any fix is of course welcome :wink:

Did they fix the Video Engine crash problem? I get this more and more frequently for some reason now.

Well, actually I am getting more and more used to the new Console - after working on it for 60h/week since 8 Months… I had very high hopes that there would have been more “enhancements” though - but there are not.

I NOW hope that they will still make the overall thing better BUT that we will not have to re-learn a all-new console in Nuendo 8 or something like that again… It is just not professional to completely re-design the stuff every couple of years. There are dudes who are mixing on an SSL console since decades and they have so much power just because they know the stuff inside out. Of course - in software days there HAS to be some development and innovation and I would agree that the new Mixer is quite cool - but it is still not ready though… I hope that they will tweak and enhance what we now have…

…instead of re-designing it up from scratch one day just because some marketing dude thinks “we need some fresh colors”…

what I like at the new Controlroom is the possibility to insert plugins in the monitoring. Though I have no use for that yet. But those dudes who are working in home studios and who are using Control-room-correction Plugins might be quite happy now.

I can think about inserting analyzer stuff as well… or “mastering” chains… just for monitoring and A/B comparison… Usually I mix with mastering stuff on the master bus but export without the last limiter… well but on the other hand side stuff like that should be saved in the project not in the "general " setup…

You could do that with the old one. People keep confusing the sucky GUI with functionality.

Really? Never stepped over that… To be honest - I accidentally stepped over this in the new version because I was searching for better faders with numbers and a scale…

That was far easier and more flexible in the old control room.

It sure is.
One click of a button to toggle between metering view and inserts, across all cue busses at once. Just soooo much better IMO.

Larger metering and “real” larger faders, and overall much clearer Functions/GUI.

well there are things which I like in the current version:

When mixing only I can integrate the CRoom into the Mixer - so I can reach stuff fast and easy. Monitors mainly.

But when recording a gang of four musicians it is a PAIN to work with.

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep the current version - as a part of the mixer - and have a second one (like we have more than one mixer) - which is designed as a “traditional” mixer? With real faders, like a real mixing desk…

So the “new” one, nicely integrated in the Mixer, could be used for accessing MY stuff - internal stuff - and a second one for the cues… Lets call it “Cue Mixer” …